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The Joy of Skipping Rocks

rock jumping

On those quiet summer evenings there is a joy to skipping on rocks around the lake.  It requires some methodical contemplation surmising where you want to hop  next by assessing the size, shape, and proximity of the rock. In life we tackle those rocks each day sometimes they are smooth […]

Hula like I Just Don’t Care

don't forget to play

I eyed it at the sports store  and couldn’t resist! Almost every day it calls my name and taunts me to play, “Just for a minute! Only a minute!” How can I resist such a round shape, simple to whip around my waist, and use as a delightful diversion! It […]

What’s in a View?

dunns rivers falls

The moment you catch yourself gazing out over the vast landscape can be your shining light of inspiration while if you were to stare out across a garbage pit it could force you recoil from everything you have ever known. It is how each view is shaped and molded that […]


free bird 3

I grew up in a small town where everyone knew your business or pretended to know your business. You wore your last name as an emblem of who you were with no hope of change because no one in your ancestral gene pool has ever had the ability to change. […]

Irrelevant Noise

As I tossed and turned throughout the night my mind raced over words, ideas, and the connection of  people in this world. It bothered me how easily people were led by the pied piper playing his flute. One by one they drunk his music following blindly without thinking that his […]

Keep It Simple

We were nestled in the back country over the Easter break with a small cabin, hearty fireplace, and a balcony which offered a view of the world.  On Saturday I took advantage of the warm sun and rented snow shoes for a rendezvous with nature. “What trail is the best […]


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