Screw You Horoscope!

Each morning I visit the Globe and Mail to get the top news stories and then for  fun I check my daily horoscope. It was this morning that it came to my surprise when it said:

“You need to get to grips with certain fears and phobias. You need to find ways to limit the hold they have over your life. To start with you need to accept they exist, and that means accepting yourself as you are.”

I stopped for a moment, took a breath, and wondered am I accepting myself for who I  really am?  It was a moment of introspection over my cup of coffee when I attempted to check all of the boxes in my head.

I came out with my real blogging name this year.  My friends and family know that I blog for better or worse. Gosh Dang It! I even attempt to make videos on bad hair days! And try saying NaBloPoMo out loud! It’s tough stuff!

So Mr or Mrs Horoscope writer I have one thing to tell you! I am coming to grips with my fears and phobias attempting to be who I am each day.  Oh! And a sidenote if you could just slip in that tomorrow I will have unexpected riches in my future that would be great! And if you can add  moving to a tropical beach that would  also be great! Really Great!

Do you read your horoscope? What does it tell you?