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My Doomsday Prepper Score

I have a fascination with Doomsday scenarios! I love conspiracy theories and last year discovered Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic channel.  It is a show that has taught-me the importance of stockpiling food, building a bug-out shelter, and developing my own private museum of weapons. It was inevitable that […]

Screw You Horoscope!

Each morning I visit the Globe and Mail to get the top news stories and then for  fun I check my daily horoscope. It was this morning that it came to my surprise when it said: “You need to get to grips with certain fears and phobias. You need to […]

Keeping it Intimate!

{ Bella at One Sister’s Rant is one of my favorite stops on the blogging trail! She is smart, funny, and insightful! One day I am going to purchase that VW toaster van and we are going to drive off into the sunset blogging along the way to a town […]

A Hairy Situtation

{PS I Love Soap Co.  is a maverick when it comes to soap and she whips up a storm with her wonderful creations! Her one question for me “If stranded on a deserted island with husband and kids what is the one thing I would bring?” I was tempted to […]

It Sucks.

Sometimes I wonder if I have drunk too much Kool-Aid from listening to Oprah and reading  all of the self-help books on the market. I know a positive smile  is the best remedy to get back on your feet after a kick in the teeth. But sometimes it is hard […]


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