Questions I Will Say Yes To

I suspect I may have come off harsh in my last Post and may have sounded like Mrs. No! But I want everyone to know that I am prone to saying yes too! It is the simple act of saying Yes that can bring joy or sadness to my children depending on their question of the moment.

So I have compiled my simple list of Yes Questions to prove that I don’t always say No!

Do you ever seize the opportunity and say Yes?

My Doomsday Prepper Score

I have a fascination with Doomsday scenarios! I love conspiracy theories and last year discovered Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic channel.  It is a show that has taught-me the importance of stockpiling food, building a bug-out shelter, and developing my own private museum of weapons.

It was inevitable that when National Geographic appeared in my inbox this afternoon with the preview of  Season  2 Doomsday Preppers that I had to visit the web site. I discovered the Doomsday Prepper Quiz!

I confess I failed  miserably with 19/100 the only saving grace was that I am a weekend camper.  It estimated that I would only survive 1-2 weeks before meeting my inevitable demise!
The only tip it gave me:

Weapons are an excellent equalizer against threats to your security. One gun is a start, but two guns with a thousand rounds for each person is ideal. Standardizing your weapons to all use a basic ammo type (like .22 Caliber) simplifies ammo storage and reloading.

I guess it assumed that I would need security but it failed to realize the biggest threat to me is my clumsiness. I can see my demise by shooting myself in the foot and then suffering through some horrible infection which included gangrene. So when the time comes I just hope one of my friends has been secretly stockpiling food and will share their bug-out shelter with me.

Have you ever watched Doomsday Preppers? And do you have a bug-out shelter?

Clues that I am Home for the Night

After a treacherous errand run on the slick and freezing roads I vowed not to drive for the rest of the day.

My son came home from school, “Mom, Can I go to my friend’s house.”

My simple response was, “No.”

“But. why?”

“Did you not see the car that ran into the tree? Or the other car that fish tailed onto the curb?”

“That is why?”

“But. Mom!”

“No Buts. We are in for the night!”

It was by this time I realized that I failed to teach my children  the  visible signs that we are in for the night. So I made this special list  to save them from dashed hopes with the event they expect me to drive them somewhere in a middle of a snow storm.

So it is this random list of clues that would indicate to my children that we are not going anywhere for the rest of the night. If they are lucky we might  order pizza delivery!

What random  clues do you  display when you are in for the night?

Screw You Horoscope!

Each morning I visit the Globe and Mail to get the top news stories and then for  fun I check my daily horoscope. It was this morning that it came to my surprise when it said:

“You need to get to grips with certain fears and phobias. You need to find ways to limit the hold they have over your life. To start with you need to accept they exist, and that means accepting yourself as you are.”

I stopped for a moment, took a breath, and wondered am I accepting myself for who I  really am?  It was a moment of introspection over my cup of coffee when I attempted to check all of the boxes in my head.

I came out with my real blogging name this year.  My friends and family know that I blog for better or worse. Gosh Dang It! I even attempt to make videos on bad hair days! And try saying NaBloPoMo out loud! It’s tough stuff!

So Mr or Mrs Horoscope writer I have one thing to tell you! I am coming to grips with my fears and phobias attempting to be who I am each day.  Oh! And a sidenote if you could just slip in that tomorrow I will have unexpected riches in my future that would be great! And if you can add  moving to a tropical beach that would  also be great! Really Great!

Do you read your horoscope? What does it tell you?

My Financial House of Halloween Horrors!

Every year I decorate my house for Halloween with excitement I carve the pumpkin, string the goblin lights, hang the ghouls, set up the cemetery, and blow up the witch! It is the most wonderful time of the year for someone like me!

However, this year something ghastly happened to me as I walked down the Halloween aisle at Pier 1 looking for the next best thing! The prices spooked me and I ran from the store. It was an unexpected haunting neither my wallet nor I were prepared for as the calendar began to countdown the days to Halloween.

It is estimated the average American will spend eighty dollars on Halloween this year.  I scratch my head at the number because a gullible creature like me spends more than that each year.  I had to take a step back and re-evaluate the ghost that was stealing money from my wallet.

Find-out the scream that happens next! Come join the conversation at BlogHer about the cost Halloween! It might cause your hair to
turn white and force you to holler!


Keeping it Intimate!

{ Bella at One Sister’s Rant is one of my favorite stops on the blogging trail! She is smart, funny, and insightful! One day I am going to purchase that VW toaster van and we are going to drive off into the sunset blogging along the way to a town near you. Her One Question for me  is “What defines intimacy in a relationship and how can couples acquire it?”  I just realized I  didn’t answer the question at all and will have to go back to it in the future.}

What gets you in the mood?

A Hairy Situtation

{PS I Love Soap Co.  is a maverick when it comes to soap and she whips up a storm with her wonderful creations! Her one question for me “If stranded on a deserted island with husband and kids what is the one thing I would bring?” I was tempted to answer the men from Strike Back! But that would be two things and  I would end up with a very jealous husband.}

If you were stranded on a deserted island what would be the one thing you would bring?

A Political Analysis of Voters Underwear

{ Nelle Writes shares snippets of her works of fiction and is in the final stages of editing her labor of love. The one thing I love about Nelle is her humor! A s well she  is never afraid to dive into the political to share her opinions and insights. Her one question for me is “Do you wear thongs, grannies, or nothing at all?” As a lady I cannot answer that but like any good politician I can go around the subject with an answer.}

In the past few weeks I have quietly observed the Democratic and Republican conventions. I have listened to the speakers and heard them rally the American public to vote for the best candidate this November.  As people begin to get riled up in the issues I can only imagine how comfortable they are in their own underwear.

Does their choice in underwear reflect who they will be voting for this November? I made this chart to make the voting lines clear that you vote what you wear in the privacy of your booth.

My guess for the political candidates  is that Mitt Romney still loves his fast cars from the eighties and will be donning his  leopard briefs. Obama will be  cool  with ease would of course saunter in his boxers.

So as election day looms!  What will you be wearing in the booth? Do you agree with my political analysis?

It Sucks.

Sometimes I wonder if I have drunk too much Kool-Aid from listening to Oprah and reading  all of the self-help books on the market. I know a positive smile  is the best remedy to get back on your feet after a kick in the teeth.

But sometimes it is hard to smile when you are missing a tooth!

It is when things go wrong, out the door, and leads you to unsuspected events in your life. You get exasperated, tired, and cranky. But still muster on with a smile looking to the bright side of life.

You try to cheer up and whistle  because you got nothing to lose.  But you know no matter how hard  you whistle it will not make a darn thing any better.

It is at those times we should just give ourselves a little  break admitting some things in life happen that  just fucking suck!

Do you ever utter the words “it sucks?”

(I promise to be a plethora of positivity in my next post.)