What Can Canada Learn from King Midas and the Golden Touch?

{Kate Shrewsday loves nothing more than a piece of really juicy rhetoric, and dishes it out in spades. She is one of my favorite blogs that I love to stop and visit  after a busy week.  Her One Question is “What is the greatest fairytale; and why?”}

As a child there was one book that stood – out that I read over and over it was King Midas and the Golden Touch. I was fascinated with the King who could turn everything into gold with a simple touch.  I believe  we all desire to have that touch to create the financial freedom  enabling us to live the life we dreamed of without thinking of the cost.

As the economy propels forward with technological innovations and foreign investment into our natural resources.  David Suzuki points out:

We need to look at the way we create and introduce technology. Perhaps it’s time to ask, “Why do we need this? Does it improve our lives in a significant way?” And then we may ask, “What are the wider repercussions of this invention throughout nature and over time?” If we asked, with greater humility, “How does nature solve problems?” we might find solutions that would avert or minimize negative consequences

Each day we have to make the choices which affect the cost of our planet and our future’s well-being.  If we blindly move forward taking our chances with building the oil sands and burning through our fossil fuels. What resources will we have left for our future? If the government was to take a step back and begin investing in green technology wouldn’t that be the improvement into solving future problems?

King Midas’s life changed in a blink of an eye when he discovered his golden touch was a hazard that turned his beloved daughter Marygold into stone. She was the one thing he loved most in the world that he would never get back. Luckily, for him he was granted one last wish to reverse his unwise choice of having the golden touch and return to his precious life filled with a daughter’s love.

The one thing we can all learn from King Midas is to be careful what we wish for because in real life you don’t always get to reverse your past mistakes. Canada’s biggest jewel is its abundance of natural resources something which we should never taken for granted. We need to be cautious for what we wish for because it may take away the many things we love about this country.

Do you believe there is a cost to the choices you make in life?

Stephen Harper and the Industrious Beaver

It was this week the people went to the polls and elected Stephen Harper’s Conservatives a majority government. It was a surprise to many fellow Canadians and Political pundits that the Conservative machine won the vote of the people. It’s a question which left many people wondering  how did this happen?

The only answer is Stephen Harper is like the industrious beaver never giving up or admitting defeat. In the past seven years  he has toiled with minority governments making parliament his warm wooden home. It is with his plain stubborn determination that he turned a group of bickering Progressive Conservatives into a well oiled machine that towed the party line.

Unfortunately, our sly fox Michael Ignatieff,  was unable to capture the elusive beaver and was too wily to bond with fellow Canadians.  It was  Jack Layton  the rabbit in the night that snuck up on the fox stealing all of his loot and what was left of his party platform. The rabbit hopped and he bopped across Canada convincing Canadians that he was the fella who would represent their values.

The porcupine who has also been welcome into the house.She will observe, vote, and do her best to focus on changing  Canadians view on the environment rallying for a more green society.  Elizabeth May is  also ready to have her prickly needles on guard and keep all of the good old boys in line.

I can say this with glee! It was the skunk that got his curmudgeon! He finally shown his stripe to fellow Quebecer`s they could no longer stand the stench of Duceppe’s politics and gave him the boot. So long Skunk!

Many Canadians are unsure of how the Canadian landscape will change with a conservative majority. What will happen next is anybody’s guess…

However, Stephen Harper is just like the beaver working to build this own legacy changing the shape of the Canadian Landscape. But will that landscape turn into a beautiful meadow or a mosquito infested pond? Is the question weighing on many Canadian minds.

How do you think the Canadian Landscape will change under Conservative majority?

Election Day! The Party Leaders in a Moment of Silence

Do you ever wonder what could be going through a politician’s head through the final hours of election day? In order to survive Canadian Politics you must have a competitive spirit, a dash of madness, and a love of politics. It’s those final moments as they prepare for the crowds, the media, and the speeches. I wonder what they will be doing in their last moments of silence…

In the final hours I suspect:

  •  Gilles Duceppe is working with his tailor to put on the finishing touches of his beautiful suit and selecting a tie.
  •  Jack Layton consulting with his make-up artist to ensure she covers the shine of his balding head so it doesn’t distract from his winning smile.
  • Elizabeth May  perhaps enjoying a jaunt in the wilderness thinking maybe next time…
  • Michael Ignatieff already beginning his next great academic novel ” The Death of Osama: Will it shift US Foreign Policy?”
  •  Harper playing the keys of his piano wondering if he will ever win a majority….

So as we all wait in anticipation for tonight’s final results – what do you imagine your favorite political leader doing in his/her  last moments of silence?

Breakfast with the Candidates: What’s on your Favourite Political Leaders Menu

The recent polls suggest we have a tight race in this upcoming election. The progressive Conservatives at 36.4 percent,  NDP leader Jack Layton at 31.2, and Michael Ignatieff (dear sweet Ignatieff) holding his own at 22 percent. Will Harper have his majority government? Or will Layton steal all of his glory?

As the last weekend of campaigning comes to hit us in the face and we watch all of our favourite politicians kiss babies. I wonder what our political party leaders will be eating for breakfast this weekend… 

I suspect Green Party Elizabeth May holding onto 4 percent in the polls will be enjoying  a refreshing green smoothie and eating fresh apples in the Okanagan. As she hob nobs with David Suzuki about the environment and remind voters to think green.

Our handsome separatist leader Gilles Duceppe with 5 percent will be lounging about a local café in small town Quebec, he will be sipping his latte, enjoying a fresh croissant , with a side of Quebec bacon.

Wondering how did Layton sneak up on him in the polls? How did Layton get 41.4 while he only has a meagre 23.6 percent?  As he weeps for his lovers to return, he realizes the show must go on, and reminds himself that he is an elegant man ready for sophisticated battle until the end.

Michael Ignatieff has got to use his fancy feet!  Where did my poli-sci rock star go? I had such high hopes for him and the Liberal party. If anyone was going to turn it around after the Dion fiasco I thought it would be him. But sadly,  Layton a thief in the night is stealing all of Iggy’s votes in Ontario and Quebec.

It’s time for Wily Iggy, my sly fox,  to get moving! I suspect as he buses from farmers market to farmers market he will be eating a bag of mini doughnuts and black coffee. He doesn’t have time to sit nor eat and  needs all the sugar he can get to win the hearts of the Canadian people.

Last but not least Stephen Harper is ready to fight. He needs a majority or he is out! This cowboy is going to need a fighting breakfast to sustain his small lead in the polls. I suspect he will be having two eggs over easy, his steak rare, and toast with jam. This sheriff won’t be messing around! Lookout Layton I suspect the Conservatives will be aiming their big guns at you this weekend.

On this last weekend of election momentum is building with  higher than expected  voter turn-out in the advanced polls and Layton steam rolling across the country.  Our Election is heating up!

So what’s on your breakfast menu this weekend to sustain you for Election Day?

Oh! Canada! Why Vote?

It was just the other day I was speaking with a friend about the upcoming Canadian Federal elections informed me that she has never voted and refuses to vote. I looked at her shocked, “Why don’t you vote?”

“Nothing ever gets done. It’s not like my vote matters.”

I think my ears went red and I went into grill mode “So instead of following the election, checking out each political party’s platform, and making an informed decision on who you want to represent Canada and your views. You are telling me you would rather not vote?”


I felt a surge of crankiness flow through my veins I attempted to refrain from turning into my mother and giving a lecture on the importance of voting, your democratic right, and your time to make a choice for your country. I wondered where this apathy stems from?  It was in 2008 Canada has the lowest turn-out of voters at 58.8 percent. Imagine if the other 41.2 percent got up went and voted!

Would we be spending another 288 million dollars for another election? Or could that money be well spent for various government programs?

It’s time to make the change you want. If you don’t vote, don’t complain!  The government is there to work for you. If you care about health care, education, senate reform,and foreign policy. If you care you should vote. You have an opportunity to be heard and now is your time!

Apathy isn’t cool. Quite Frankly, I find it boring! It’stime to liven up the conversation and vote! Let yourself be heard and appreciate the democratic freedom you have to make a choice for your country. Voting is a right that we take for granted  and it’s time we see its value! It’s time to vote for the change we want our country to represent.

Now, I’m stepping off my soapbox and want to hear from you!  What change do you want to see in government? And do you plan on voting?