Why I Am Not a Brand

As bloggers we are told by experts that we must define our brand. What is a brand? A brand is a trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer. The last time I checked most of us are living and breathing human beings.


I am not a can of soup.

I am not a box of cereal.

I am not a  bag of chips.

I am not a kitchen appliance.

I am not a race car.

So therefore I can deduct that I am not a brand. A brand would mean that it would be an inanimate object waiting for consumers to devour or enjoy my services.

It is when I read  bloggers, authors,  and journalists. I am not looking at their brand. I am interested in the person behind the creative and what inspires them to be great.

What am I if I am not a brand?

I would like to point out that I am a living breathing human being with thoughts and emotions. Sometimes I write rubbish. Sometimes I hit the mark and I am funny. And sometimes just sometimes something good happens from having a blog.

All of this occurs not because I am a special brand of cyborg. But because I connect with other fellow bloggers who share their own thoughts and creative sparks.  Who as far as I know – are also not cereal boxes or cyborgs?

My only request to experts in the blogging field to attempt to use marketing terms that reflect the human spirit. We are real breathing people just as you are a real breathing experts spouting your expertise. So instead of offering courses or insight on finding your brand.

Perhaps, it would be finding yourself? Keeping it Authentic? The Path to Happiness? I am not sure you can really put a brand or a label, on that, can you? But I guess that is the thing in this world of consumerism we all have to be labelled to sell ourselves or you would be out of a job.

So if I was a brand it would be one that took risks, laughed too hard, cried too much, am damned one way or another, and usually busted for holding my finger up to anyone who reminds me of all of my usual inadequacies. But then I guess I am a terrible brand. I am only human after all.

Are you a cyborg? Confess.

I would like to thank Linda from the Task at Hand for inspiration for this post.

NaBloPoMo Failure

I tried to be good, punctual, and post once a day! But I failed! I even did a post on surviving NaBloPoMo!  I got cocky!  I have many good reasons for failing the month of November’s NaBloPoMo and decided I share would share them with you.

I think that about sums it up! I might try it again in January when I am feeling invigorated by the New Year and ready to take on anything for about a week!

Have you ever completed a NaBloPoMo challenge? Or did your dog eat your notepad?

Home Rests within the Heart

I am a creature of habit and when I return home for a visit I fall back into the hum of a very old routine. It is the drive down the river for a fresh lobster roll and a stroll along the boardwalk. I like to listen to the sound of the wind and gaze at the blue heron in the distant horizon.

It’s the familiarity of the landscape and the comfort of being close to water that ignites a quiet inspiration.

As  I reflect back on this past summer with the thoughts of  pints with friends, the warmth of my family, and the acquaintances who greet you on the street with a warm hello.

They are all a reminder that one of the greatest gifts in this world is the ability to connect with a warm smile or a gregarious laugh.

So as the west wind keeps me in one spot my heart always quietly yearns for the east coast. But blogging has helped to soothe that loss with the connection of friends throughout the world.

It is something that I am grateful for and smile to you for making me feel so much closer to home.

What does the word “home” mean to you?

One Question

It was last October that I participated in a month of your questions! It was a fun way to keep my on blogging track!

So I am asking you for a favor to help me get my blogging groove back!

Can you leave me one question in the comment box? It can be anything that pops off the top of your mind!

I will use each of those questions as a writing prompt every Friday until the comment box runs empty. I will also link your question back to your blog and thank you profusely for inspiring me.

I look forward to being challenged with all of your brilliant questions!

Do you have one  question for me?

Are You Raw Enough?

Every now and then you hear the comment bloggers need to be more raw and share their inner most thoughts. It is by being raw that you can only be true to your readers and to yourself.  But when I look at the meaning of raw it makes me wonder about my voice. Is it authentic enough?

The Definition of Raw:

1 : Not Cooked.

I can leave a check mark next to this  because I am definitely not cooked! Maybe just a little tanned…

2 a (1) : being in or nearly in the natural state : not processed or purified (2) : not diluted or blended

Sometimes if you catch me in a foul mood raw sewage does spew from my mouth. But do you really want to read my posts when I am in a scathing mood?

c : not being in polished, finished, or processed form
Well I never went to etiquette school so I am definitely not polished! However, do you want to read one of my drafts that lack paragraphs and misspelled words. I think not!

3 (1) : having the surface abraded or chafed (2) : very irritated

I hate when my sports bra chafes against my skin or I break out into the hives. I suspect you feel the same way! So I would never want to rub you the wrong way.

b : lacking covering : naked

Well do you really want to see me bare it all even if my itsy bits are photoshopped? I highly doubt it!

c : not protected : susceptible to hurt

Do you share everything? Are you willing to open that door? I sometimes open it a little but at the end of the day I do not want to be left vulnerable to the world.

4 a : lacking experience or understanding : green

I lack in a lot of areas of expertise. So will I write about that? Heck No!

b (1) : marked by absence of refinements (2) : vulgar, coarse

Yes! I confess!  I am guilty of vulgar language! And I do love to drop the F-Bomb from time to time.

c : not tempered : unbridled

Snort! If I was a wiccan I could have raw power! Summoning my inner goddess for world domination in order to make love not war and end child poverty. But sadly my powers are futile and the best I can do is imagine a world built on peace as I lounge by the camp fire.

5: disagreeably damp or cold

Well! Yes! I hate being cold! And it makes me cranky which leads me to a foul-weathered mood and in the end cursing up a storm.

Does any of  these different meanings make my authentic voice raw? No it makes me human. I believe at the end of the day how we share our thoughts makes our voice authentic to the reader.  But to worry about breaking down every emotional barrier to be more raw is tiresome. Quite frankly, I’m all rawed out!

How would you describe your voice? Do you believe you are raw enough?

The Dusty Blogging Trail

My dog leads us on our walks running ahead sniffing the trail, she will then stop, and run back to get us.   It is in her world she leads one  step ahead of the other and makes sure we all get to our destination. Her nose is her instinct  to lead us in the right direction.

Blogging has been a similar journey sometimes I run two steps ahead and ready to share my thoughts with you.  Other times I feel two steps behind feeling like a smelly can of expired  ham.

I have a folder of posts that I  judge with my squinty eye “not quite”, “not good enough”, and” not for today.”

It is on my blogging journey  I need to find the key to  consistently move it along without battering the same subjects over the head.

I wonder when I look at my dog running ahead on the path does she question where she is going? Or is she truly a creature of instinct? All  I know is as  I move it along  I’m just trying to find my direction on this dusty blogging trail.

How do you find your direction on the blogging trail? Do you always follow your instinct?

Knock! Knock! Is that an Idea at My Door?

One of my dog’s favorite pass times is to wait by the window and watch the movements in the neighborhood. She will bark at the rabbit that hops about  and alerts us to the UPS man who puts his foot on our door step.

In many respects I am like my dog because I entertain myself by watching and waiting for an idea to appear at my front door. At those times I am waiting for that special moment where all the puzzle pieces go together.

It is after five minutes I give up and go back to smashing my head against the keyboard.  But when I get distracted by going to the coffee shop, biking with my kids, or puttering in the garden an idea will appear without hesitation.

I find it is when I’m looking out the window that I feel lost. I am waiting for something but can’t put my finger on it.  It is at those moments I am just like my dog waiting for something to happen instead of taking action to make it happen.

Does an idea just magically appear at your doorstep? Or do you take action to make it happen?

Blogger Burn-Out

Blogger burn-out is a phase when words do not compute with your brain. You have ideas! Endless ideas! But somehow they are not working their way to the page. Instead, you walk, you talk, you clean, and do anything but write. I have been having one of those months!

I’m calling it a very bad case of blogger burn-out!

I suspect it is something that can happen to the best of us as we deal with other daily stressors.  It is at those times I am apt to blog less and become very unsociable.

I look at my blog. It looks at me. I shut down my screen. I pretend it does not exist. It is not waiting for me. But at the same time I know I need to write, speak, say anything!

But the words fail. They hand at my finger tips! The only thing left is to recharge, take a deep breath, inhale the fresh air, and reads a book or two or three or four.

It was with that to return to my blog and hope it will forgive me like a reckless lover dashing off at the end of a passionate night.  Sometimes I feel like I have failed and must try harder! But how?

Do you ever suffer from blogger burn-out? How do you recharge your batteries?


Spark it is the link that ignite the passionate creativity from your brain to your heart! It is that moment of inspiration which tingle through your fingers as you type away at the keys. It is the eureka moment when the light bulb comes on in your head! 

A spark can happen at any time and any place! It is the start of an idea, a dream, a labour of love.

How do you find your spark?

Is it waiting in the back corner of your brain when triggered by a beautiful sunset? Is it resting in your heart when that one song plays on the radio? Or does it transpire from the poignancy of a painting?

Inspiration rests from within us all and it is the creativity which is genuine! The need to create, share, and collaborate with others to see our projects come to fruition. It is at these times we are left to spiral out of control in our own creative energy.

How do you maintain that energy?

I know for some it is meditation, others daily routines, and some like me just flailing about in a chaotic mess. It is trudging out of the mess or routine that clarity can hit us!


The clarity to see our project through from beginning to end! The truth behind our words and actions! It is something that we can all do at one time and place!

The question is where do we begin? Where do you find your creative spark?