The Fragrant Ritual of Comfort

Hair it is a part of who we are and our identity. It aggravates us, comforts us, and sometimes shields us from the elements. It is after one of those days  I look forward to is stepping into a steamy shower and washing my hair.

The few minutes in the shower is my own time to clear my thoughts, relax my muscles, and wash away the negativity of  the day. I look forward to lathering the shampoo into my hair and inhaling the fragrant scent  that wraps its blanket around me with comfort.

I then wait letting the conditioner repair and untangle the wavy mess that is my hair. It is by untangling the mess with ease which  gives me a small sense of control in the tornado that has swept through my day.

It is in that silent moment I stretch and breath trying to regain a minute of clarity. As the moment passes I slowly rinse with my thoughts running forward thinking tomorrow will be a much better day.

I know in the next wild moments of life when my hair is blowing in the wind and there is no answers that I will get a  fragrant scent that sweeps across my face.  It is that scent that comforts me and lets me know it will all be okay.

Do you have a small step in your daily routine to help shift the perspective of your day?

Mag the Egg Talks Body Image

Mag is doing me a great favor! She is taking a break from fun on the beach in St.Marteen to discuss body image. I know we are breaking some rules in her contract agreement about pay and blog space-time. But she felt it was important to talk about how hard you ladies have been on yourself this spring!

However, her recent on and off again relationship with Roggy Stewart is off-limits…

Me: Thank you for taking the time from your beautiful vacation to talk  with me! I love your choice in egg-suit selection. It looks mermilicious!

Mag:  Thank you darling!  It’s Vegasace!  Doneggalla made it just for me!  You know when you called so frustrated about all of these women complaining about their soft rolls and jiggly thighs. I knew I had to say something!

Me:  So what do you say to these beautiful ladies that are so hard on themselves?

Mag: I say smarten the heck up! I’m an egg I would kill to have arms to swim with and legs to run. Just imagine my status in carton-wood. But instead I work with what I got! I have big hair and luscious lips! I have an expiration date so I have to work everything I got!

Me: I love that you point out we have an expiration date! So how do we work it?

Mag: The best way to work it is hold that chin-up, shoulders back, and strut it. The best looks come from confidence! We all expire at  one point so why don’t  enjoy what we have!

Me: But what if they say that doesn’t matter! I still have fifty pounds to lose? Or to me who is currently over her BMI?

Mag: Are you exercising? Are you smiling? Are  you enjoying good food? If you focus on your goals the weight will come off. But have fun doing it!

Me: What do you mean?

Mag:  The next time you are exercising instead of focusing  on how your thighs jiggle while you run! Don’t even get me started on that… Focus on your breath, how good it feels, how strong your heart is, and your perspective about yourself will change.

Me: Thank you Mag! I really appreciate the time you made to talk with me!

Mag: Not a problem!  Margarita?

Me: Of course! Now off record what is going on with you and Roggy?

Will you take Mag’s Advice? What positive advice would you like to add to the conversation?

Take a Walk with Me

Every year a change occurs as the White Witch casts a spell with her glassy fingers.The snow begins to fall and transforms the land into a winter wonderland. It is in this  place that the White Witch reminds us of the beauty of her powers.

Just before the spring thaw we took a walk into Maligne Canyon. It is here the motion of  glacier water has stopped frozen in  time. It is held in the present waiting to burst forth in the spring!

The further you walk into the canyon the  ice does a delicate dance across the light. It leaves you awestruck with the sheer power of the White Witch’s ability to stop a moment in time.

As you peek behind the ice wall, a  light shines through ,and a quiet Hallelujah echoes from the cave!

As we step back out and peer up  we realize that there is so much more that  it is  greater than you or me! It is each winter the White Witch gives us this beauty and reminds us to find bliss in the present  moment!

As we walk away from the suspended beauty  the biggest reward is the welcoming of the warm spring sun.  The mountains look over us wise in the knowledge that they were here before us and will be here after us.  It is days like this that I am thankful for all of  grandeur and chaos of  life realizing every moment counts!

Thank you for joining me on this scenic journey! It is always a pleasure to spend time with you!

Do you have one place where  you love to walk? Does it leave you feeling refreshed and inspired?

A Springtime Wish

As the snow begins to melt and the sun begins to shine several thoughts run across my mind. One is the inevitable ten pounds from winter hibernation and begin to focus on all of the things I hate about me. I am guilty about making jokes about my muffin-tops, dingle dangles, and wobbly bites all of the things I wish I could airbrush away.

I listen to my friends do the same as the spring air hits, all on a diet, all trying to be fit, before we put on the first tank top of the season.

But what if we didn’t set such a high standard for ourselves? Think of the negative energy we focus on putting ourselves down when we could be using it to lift our spirits up.

What do you love about you? Is it the cool glass of water that makes your skin glow? Is it your strong arms open and ready to offer a tender embrace? Is it your laughter after a game of tag with the kids? It is the little things we need to cherish and love!

My springtime wish for you and me is to love ourselves a little more! It’s time we let our confidence blossom from within letting our beautiful hearts shine out this spring.

Lets start today! What is one thing that you love about you? And how does it make you feel?

Who Wore it Best?

I am one of those women who loves the beach but does not love the inevitable task of  finding the perfect swim suit. However, you would not know  from observing my swim suit collection that has over forty different pieces of tops and bottoms.

Daily Mail UK

It is on this vacation I needed a little confidence boost and purchased several more swim suits to add to my collection.

The first day I opted for the flowered halter and  frolicked in the waves like a haphazard mermaid flailing about in the water.

A woman swam over , “Nice suit!”


It’s when I looked closer she was wearing the exact same bikini that I was wearing!

People magazine flashed  before my very eyes with the title Who Wore it Best? The picture of us side by side laid out on the spread for the whole world to see only to critique who rocked the  halter style best. I could hear the voice in my head hitting a full conversation between Tim Gunn and the Go Fug Yourself Girls.

It was at moment a wave hit me and knocked me to my senses!

We then  both looked at each other knowing we were both thinking the same thing and began to giggle.

She laughed,” It looks like we both have great taste!”

I exclaimed, “Let me guess Le Vie En Rose!”

“Yes! You are curvy like me isn’t it the best place to shop for swim suits!”

“Yes! It is!”

It was with that we did a high-five for the curvy gals! Who cares who wore it best? We were both in the waves having fun and enjoying the sun!

Have you ever shown up to a party in the same attire as another?

Express Jeans: What Style Will You Be Wearing this Fall?

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The question is are you brave enough to pull on the red denim jeans? Or are you a busy gal on the go like me who enjoys the comfort and style of the Flare Jean?


It was only a couple of weeks ago that I also invested in my first pair of jean leggings. I will confess I was skeptical but they fit this curvy girl’s butt like a glove. And they look wonderful with a nice pair of brown boots!


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What jeans will you be rocking this fall? Is there a specific style that you can’t live without?



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The Green Swamp Monster and Poolside Beauties

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when my husband proposed a Vegas getaway! I have a love for the Vegas poolside attractions and the endless people watching possibilities.  I packed my favorite poolside attire and was game for a fun trip!

The moment we arrived I slipped on my shiny green halter swimsuit and we headed straight for the pool.  I kicked up my feet and rested on a lounge chair ready to dive into my James Patterson Novel.  I looked up to take a sip of my passion punch,  and  that was when two gorgeous young Victoria Secret models plopped in the lounge chairs beside me.

I felt slightly envious of their itsy bitsy bikinis and more envious when they ordered deep-fried chicken fingers. It was too much to stand as I thought of my spinach salad and bottled water I had for lunch. If only I could eat like that...My cheeks turned green the envious sea monster began to lurk under my skin.

I looked over to Mr. MBA with his back to the sun, slowly beginning to snore, and burn in the sun. I took another sip of my passion punch. As another young beauty passed us glancing up and down first at Mr. MBA, then me with a guilty look.

You know the one where you realize you didn’t make the cheering squad.

She sauntered over to the models with her clipboard, “Would you like to be on our guest list at our club this evening?”

My neurotic brain went into overdrive - how come she didn’t ask me? Of course I never would have went! But it would have been nice to be asked…

It was at that moment my brain clicked to the scene from Knocked Up. It’s  when the doorman refuses to let the girls in the club and says “It’s not cause you’re not hot, I would love to tap that ass. I would tear that ass up. I can’t let you in cause you’re old as fuck. For this club, you know, not for the earth.”

Those three little words old as fuck passed through my head but in my mind Vegas is place of illusion, a mirage of beauty, and attempts to mask the ugly that is behind the glittery lights. I might be in my mid-thirties but I can still rock it!

Age is a state of mind and a symbol of beauty. Perhaps, I never will ever have my pre-baby body or perfect legs. But I still have my groove and I can do that in my kitchen any day of the week. No guest list required..

As I took another sip of my passion punch I looked over at Mr.MBA snoring in the sun, his fuzzy belly glistening with sweat, and his skin boiling to the point of lobster red. I thought to myself it couldn’t have possibly been me she passed-up. It must be the lovable company I keep and I wouldn’t trade that for any day of the week.

Have you ever had any poolside moments? Do you think the link between beauty and age will ever change in our society?

The C Cup Inquisition

It was one of those days were my girls and I needed a little lift. We had been feeling a bit frumpy and  I knew it was time to update my wardrobe. I headed to the mall armed with my budget and one eye out for pretty sundresses.

It was with luck I remembered to wear my favorite bra!  The girls stood at attention as I tried on a very pretty dress for a mighty fine price. I scooped it up and went on my merry way.

I was having such great  luck  and it seemed that the shopping gods were smiling down at me. I decided to treat my girls to a sexy new pick-me up for all of their hard work. I sauntered into Victoria’s Secret admiring all of the lovely things. It was there I saw sparkly pink lace push-up bra and it called out my name…

It was love at first sight! I knew Queen B and I we were destined to be together. It was just the coy look she gave me with the promise to keep my girls in place.

That was until  the assistant walked up to me and I asked,

“Excuse me do you have this in a C-36?”

She gave me a once over with her peering eyes and asked,

“Are you sure you are a c-cup?”

My face went red. My mind was racing. Wondering what other cup would I be? I mumbled, “Errr!Yes.”

Her tone changed not believing that I was a C-Cup and once again assessed my breasts then sternly looking me in the eye,

“Do you have any of our bras?”

I looked at my breasts and looked her straight in the eye,

“Yes. And it’s a C cup.”

Her tone went shrill,

“Are you sure you are not a D?”

I started to sweat, I was failing all of the answers, all I wanted to do was try on the damn bra!

“I’m very sure. I’m not a D.”

My face was getting red! My mind raced  – why was this woman questioning my breast size? I didn’t need to be reminded that I was endowed. But I have never been a D cup.

Her beady eyes peering close into my face. I was waiting for her to pull-out the strap and instigate some form of torture.

“How do you know?”

I felt the palms of my hands sweating, my ears were burning, the people around us were looking.  I was beginning to feel dizzy. I wanted to make sure I gave the right answer. It was then Queen B gave me a look, her sparkles began to twinkle, and I took a deep breath,

“I know because I’m wearing that bra right there at this current moment. And the last time I checked it was a C cup.”

She looked across the store, observed the bra I was pointing at, and let out a long sigh! A sign of relief then crossed her face, and with a smile she exclaimed,

“Oh! That explains it then it’s the miraculous push-up! It gives you the  appearance of the extra size. And pushes them up!”

It was with that she went, to search for the elusive c-cup. I always knew my bra size. I just didn’t know I would have to go to great lengths to prove it.

In the end  Queen B and I were destined to be together living happily ever after… Not even the C Cup Inquisition could stop us!

Have you ever been given the third degree? What was your worst shopping experience?

The Judgement of Beauty

On my usual morning routine of scanning the Globe and Mail I came across this article “It’s Booty Season: Be Ready to Be Judged.” In the article Micah Toub discusses the ideal beauty standards men have towards women. The picture of the perfect  booty in Daisy Duke shorts shone across the screen.

I mused over the article and the opening as he sat with his mentor who gawked at females sauntering by and judging them by their parts.  I wonder if the pages were turned, my friends and I were having coffee.  We assessed the man walking by and  my friend stated as matter of fact “I can’t look at him. His beer belly just turns me off.” Would this make headlines at The Globe and Mail?

In the article Micah Toub  points out that  men judge women as objects summed up by their different body parts which in turn allows men to view women as objects.  However, It’s natural for men to judge women just as it is natural for women to judge men.

Yes, it is a natural fact that the occasional Fabio walking in my direction may get an inappropriate wink and the odd glance. But it`s also a primary fact that everyday woman are bombarded by the media with the ideal  images of beauty. So, now we are just supposed to accept the fact that if our booty is not up to snuff that we will be judged based on this scientific evidence.

In the end Micha Toub covers his back by stating that beauty is the sum of all of your parts. Luckily, for me it just isn’t my leg or breast but it’s my whole entire body that will be judged. I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and  what lies beneath the skin.

It’s time to question the way we view beauty and if we are willing to attempt to live up to unrealistic standards of blonde bombshells and dark-haired vixens. Don’t you think we need to shift the title of the article from” prepared to be judged” to who gives a rats ass?  Quite Frankly if you don’t like what you see from behind – fuck ya!

Do you think men and women judge each other to harshly based on unrealistic beauty standards? Is media to blame for these unrealistic expectations?