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I am the head clown in my family's circus act! Most days I can be seen with my noise stuck in a good book, spilling coffee down my shirt, and aimlessly wandering about wondering where did I put my glasses.

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Featured on Yoga Anonymous

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In the past few years I have shied away from writing opinion pieces but this week I braved the waters submitting my piece Increase Body Diversity in Yoga Selfies to Yoga Anonymous. They featured it on their site yesterday afternoon and the response on their YOGANONYMOUS. ” target=”_blank”>FaceBook page has been […]

A Winning Hand

I am overjoyed to share with all of you Rochelle Harris’s warm and touching poem “A Winning Hand” on this Poetry Friday. Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns is a collaborated effort created by me, Rochelle,  the primary writer, the jokester and the wild child and my partner in crime.  Yevette is […]

Heat Stroke

feature image - leslie botchar

I am delighted to share Leslie Botchar’s  sensuous poem “Heat Stroke” on this Poetry Friday! Why do I write?   The simplest response is that it is an enjoyment.   The turning of a phrase, creating a lyrical prose, and the wrangling of words into something that makes sense of the things […]

Through the Eyes of gods

love is

  Kim Marie Ostrowski shares her whimsical poem “Through the Eyes of gods” on this Poetry Friday! On my thirtieth birthday  to Toronto I was looking out from the plane admiring the clouds that surrounded me.  I was inspired to write this poem at that very moment as the clouds […]

Divine Love

Love a Man

The greatest love of all is not passionate, wanton, nostalgic, nor devoted  but it is divine love. The warmth that rests within your heart and expands outward into this big wide world. It is knowing that something out there is greater than you or me. We can feel it from […]

Poetry in Motion


I am thrilled to share Lucy Crisetig’s   enchanting poem “Remembering” on this poetry Friday!  What is it that sets poetry apart from any other writing genre? While all kinds of writing, in a sense, use words to create pictures in our imaginations. Poetry can seem more like a pure art. Along […]

Devoted Love

love is smoke

As much as there is delicious reverie, wanton, and nostalgic love there is devoted love. The  one all-consuming love of two people devoted to each other throughout the years. Many of  those years can be arduous and troubled. However, it is their grim determination to work it out that makes […]



As much as there is Wanton and Nostalgic love there will always be reverie for that one person. An idyllic and perfect love that only rests within your dreams. It is the worship of that one perfect being. Dave Matthews, Crash into Me, invites that dreamy quality of passion, delight, […]


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