Very Bad Dog

Do you have a very bad dog? Does it wait for the opportune time to strike your  kitchen trash can?

18 thoughts on “Very Bad Dog

  1. I DO have a very bad dog! Finn is a very naughty puppy and half the time I think he is the cutest thing ever, and the other half I think it would be in everyone’s best interest to just fry him up and have puppy tacos.

  2. Angus has a wet nose–the wettest nose I ever knew in a dog. That should be a good thing–a wet nose means a healthy dog. But you don’t want a super healthy dog snuffling you.

  3. My dogs don’t go into the garbage but they will go after plates left on the table when no one is watching! I’m forever yelling at my kids to clean up after themselves!!! In my case that would be “bad kids, very bad kids… ” because ,rally, you can’t blame the dogs, can you? :)

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