After a treacherous errand run on the slick and freezing roads I vowed not to drive for the rest of the day.

My son came home from school, “Mom, Can I go to my friend’s house.”

My simple response was, “No.”

“But. why?”

“Did you not see the car that ran into the tree? Or the other car that fish tailed onto the curb?”

“That is why?”

“But. Mom!”

“No Buts. We are in for the night!”

It was by this time I realized that I failed to teach my children  the  visible signs that we are in for the night. So I made this special list  to save them from dashed hopes with the event they expect me to drive them somewhere in a middle of a snow storm.

So it is this random list of clues that would indicate to my children that we are not going anywhere for the rest of the night. If they are lucky we might  order pizza delivery!

What random  clues do you  display when you are in for the night?

I'm trapped at the suburban carnival and I can't get out! One day I'm the trapeze artist, the next the clown, and on the bad days the carnie!

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