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My Mom’s Baked Beans

As the snow gently falls outside it makes me crave those special foods that my Mom made when I was a kid. It was always after  an afternoon of snow fort building, sledding, and a little cross-country skiing that I would run into the house starved for supper. I knew the moment I opened the door and caught the smell of baked beans in the oven that I couldn’t wait one more minute to dine with my family.

It is this simple recipe that I now make for my kids! We enjoy it when the air is cold, the snow has fallen, and take comfort in its warmth. It is  the warmth my Mother once filled me with after time spent playing in a winter wonderland.

What is your favorite family recipe on a cold winter’s day?

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  1. Pot roast! with carrots, celery, onion and potato. I always can tell when our “winter” has arrived, because I start getting a craving for it. Done the right way, slow, it’s wonderful. Besides, there always are lots of leftovers!

  2. Belle, I have been dying to eat baked beans for years now! Unfortunately, I can’t get the delicious ones they sell in a can (I’m a fan of pork and beans!). I saw your recipe and said, finally! However, can I substitute the molasses for anything else? You can’t get molasses here either! Help!

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