Moving Day!

In a few hours I will be moving from our little home on the park and getting ready to unpack the boxes in our new home. It is only up the street still walking distance of the children’s school and close to the friends that I have made throughout the past four years.  But it was a time for a change!

My husband drove by the open house with curiosity only a month ago as he did the walk – thru and called me to come see it! It was with hesitation I went to take a gander not ready to make promises.

We had been driving to other communities looking at the brand new show homes but the one thing they lacked was the community.I want my kids to grow in the community they know and prevent them from changing schools every three years.

So when I walked through this house I knew the price was right and it would keep me in the community that I have grown to love. My husband and I knew the obvious answer as we discussed it over coffee that this would be our house for the rest of our time we planned to spend in this city.

So in the morning light when I pick-up the keys to our new home I will dance with excitement for the wide open spaces. But in my heart I know I will miss my home that started it all! I will remember looking over the park where the kids would play,  the knocks on the doors from the neighbors kids, and look back on the tender moments that we shared in our special home.

It is this house on the park is one of the few that we have lived in as a family but it is another chapter full of beautiful memories.

 Do you have a special home that remains close to your heart?

My Financial House of Halloween Horrors!

Every year I decorate my house for Halloween with excitement I carve the pumpkin, string the goblin lights, hang the ghouls, set up the cemetery, and blow up the witch! It is the most wonderful time of the year for someone like me!

However, this year something ghastly happened to me as I walked down the Halloween aisle at Pier 1 looking for the next best thing! The prices spooked me and I ran from the store. It was an unexpected haunting neither my wallet nor I were prepared for as the calendar began to countdown the days to Halloween.

It is estimated the average American will spend eighty dollars on Halloween this year.  I scratch my head at the number because a gullible creature like me spends more than that each year.  I had to take a step back and re-evaluate the ghost that was stealing money from my wallet.

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Diary of a Submissive: Pushing it to the Edge

Sophie Morgan candidly shares her sexual awakening by pushing the reader to the edge in “Diary of a Submissive.” It was in this memoir in which the author pulls you into the world of BDSM and shows you it through the eyes of a submissive. A gut wrenching hard read but if you make it to the end it is your own just reward for understanding why she is conflicted between pain and pleasure.

This novel was challening  and there were moments when I cringed; reading scenarios of paddling, foot sucking, and hand cuffing.  As the book develops she allows her conquests to push her further breaking her limits.  In my opinion it all seemed exhausting to put forth so much effort into receiving a mind-blowing orgasm as a just reward.

I was left exhausted by the sexual scenarios and her taking her beatings like a “good girl.”  As much as I wanted to understand her world the book became tedious to read after another “take-off your knickers.” At one point I just wanted to exclaim, “Good Grief! Can we move on from the paddling? I have had a very long day!”

“Diary of Submissive” is not for the faint of heart as Sophie Morgan pushes you to the edge by allowing you to glimpse into her world.  It is an eye-opening read to anyone who has ever been curious of the BDSM culture.  Sophie Morgan points out  that being “submissive” is only one small part of her identity and that there is so much more to her than meets the eye.

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What’s the Rush Edmonton? Don’t Plow Down My Kids in the Crosswalk!

Warning: I’ m ranting about driving nose-pickers who can’t slow down or stop at a crosswalk. Come join in on the conversation at Huffington Post Alberta.

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Do you ever feel crosswalk rage?

Loser Girls

I had one professor he was brilliant, soft-spoken, and knew how to challenge his students. It was with crippling fear not to have done your reading and be faced with the consequences because he loved to debate everything.

He would ask the question, “What did you think of Popper’s method? How did it change the way the social sciences are viewed?”

He would look at the victim scuffing their feet and looking to the floor avoiding any form of eye contact.

“Mike, how do you feel about this?”

Mike would wait a minute, look around, “Oh! Are you talking to me? Well, I guess in science it’s not always important to look at the ethical outcome when you are observing how humans make certain choices.”

It was at this moment everyone would hold their breath and knew Mike had been cornered like a lost sheep against wall with no escape from the wolf lurking in the bushes. You could hear the sound of the pen drop and Dr. M would reply, “So you don’t think a person’s choice value is not influenced by his ethical choices in life?”

He would then give Mike the look the look that would make him shrink into the chair and want to cease to exist. Dr. M would then carry on with his lesson.

It was just the other day I was talking with an acquaintance about her daughter’s grade one class. She was complaining about the school fees, the teacher, and then she made a comment about the loser girls.

My ears piqued up “Loser girls?”

“Well! Yeah! You know the girls! Never have their homework done, never pay attention in class, their parents always forget to send in the forms.”

I felt a slight anger under my belly and repeated slowly, “Loser Girls in grade 1?”

“Yes. They are they don’t do anything. And I don’t want to be paying extra fee when their parents don’t send in the money.”

I bit my tongue, and stayed rational as listened to the ridiculousness of it all, “Loser Girls? Really?”

And then I stared at her I gave her the look that Dr. M once had given Mike.

I raised my eyebrow and gave her a stink eye that said more than any words would ever say to challenge her frame of mind. Her eyes looked away from me as I watched her attempt to blend in with the walls.

Sometimes words don’t always have enough meaning to make a person stop and think what they are saying before they open their mouths. I would like to thank Dr. M for teaching me how maintain rationality when faced with obvious stupidity.

In life there is one commonality that most of us can agree on and that is no girl should ever be called a loser. We talk about the mean girls, the implications it causes in school, and how they can be hurtful to other children. It is parental attitudes such as this Mother which make these mean girls exist and it’s time to give these women a taste of their own medicine.
Do you believe some words aim to hurt? And are just not funny?

Keeping it Intimate!

{ Bella at One Sister’s Rant is one of my favorite stops on the blogging trail! She is smart, funny, and insightful! One day I am going to purchase that VW toaster van and we are going to drive off into the sunset blogging along the way to a town near you. Her One Question for me  is “What defines intimacy in a relationship and how can couples acquire it?”  I just realized I  didn’t answer the question at all and will have to go back to it in the future.}

What gets you in the mood?

The Myth of the Boogey: Arresting a Mom for Unsupervised Play

Tammy Cooper is just like me; she lives on a quiet cul-de-sac and she lets her children ride their scooters along the neighborhood street. The only difference between this Mom and me is she was arrested for allowing her kids, ages six and nine, to play outside watching from “only a few feet away.”

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