A Hairy Situtation

{PS I Love Soap Co.  is a maverick when it comes to soap and she whips up a storm with her wonderful creations! Her one question for me “If stranded on a deserted island with husband and kids what is the one thing I would bring?” I was tempted to answer the men from Strike Back! But that would be two things and  I would end up with a very jealous husband.}

If you were stranded on a deserted island what would be the one thing you would bring?

Home Rests within the Heart

I am a creature of habit and when I return home for a visit I fall back into the hum of a very old routine. It is the drive down the river for a fresh lobster roll and a stroll along the boardwalk. I like to listen to the sound of the wind and gaze at the blue heron in the distant horizon.

It’s the familiarity of the landscape and the comfort of being close to water that ignites a quiet inspiration.

As  I reflect back on this past summer with the thoughts of  pints with friends, the warmth of my family, and the acquaintances who greet you on the street with a warm hello.

They are all a reminder that one of the greatest gifts in this world is the ability to connect with a warm smile or a gregarious laugh.

So as the west wind keeps me in one spot my heart always quietly yearns for the east coast. But blogging has helped to soothe that loss with the connection of friends throughout the world.

It is something that I am grateful for and smile to you for making me feel so much closer to home.

What does the word “home” mean to you?

Simple Steps for Political Change

Each and every  day we envision a world of peace, clean air, and world where leaders of the next generation thrive to make the world a better place. People will show compassion to their fellow-man and help each other when in need with no other purpose then to lend a hand. But first we must learn from our mistakes.

It is these simple steps which will foster the change we need to create as global citizens in order to make our world a better place for the next generation.

Now the key is getting  everyone to play by the same set of  rules. Is it possible? What you add to the list?

My Children’s True Heroes

The NHL lockout boils down to the players believing they are not being paid enough money to play the sport they have given blood, sweat, and tears. I understand the countless hours they have put on the ice, the financial setbacks that their parents most have faced to ensure they would be the best, there is no doubt in mind hockey is an elitist sport and it costs a lot of money to be the best on the ice.

My children look-up to these players they are inspired by Hull and cheer on Eberle. But at the same time for a family of four to watch their heroes on the ice it costs over two hundred dollars in tickets for one game to sit in the nosebleeds.  You keep your fingers-crossed that they will play a winning game!

It is after the hockey games are over the next day my children return to school and are welcomed by a tremendous support staff. The administrative workers that help to coordinate field trips, hot lunches, bus times, and calls home to let you know your child is sick. The Teacher Assistants who spend hours in the classroom working with the children that need that extra help and supporting the teacher who has their handful with large classroom sizes. It is this support staff without their efforts which the school would be ill-equipped to run.

As the front line of Alberta’s Catholic schools remain on strike requesting the province to increase their salaries. It is a startling contrast that the average income of a teacher assistant is 17.69  per hour and the average income of an NHL hockey player is 2.45 million.

The support staff at my children`s school are the people they see each day and know that makes their school great.  So when you ask about a hockey lockout do I feel sorry for the hockey player that an average of 2.45 million that my children watch play once a year. Not a chance!

The Oilers might be my children’s heroes but they do nothing for their education at the end of the day. The true heroes are the school administrators, the TA’s, and Teachers that put in the time to give my children the best education. It is these people who are caught in the politics of being everything to everyone and not getting paid an extra cent for it.


My Week Without Coffee

My Great Coffee Experiment! One Week without coffee!

Could you survive a week without coffee?

A Political Analysis of Voters Underwear

{ Nelle Writes shares snippets of her works of fiction and is in the final stages of editing her labor of love. The one thing I love about Nelle is her humor! A s well she  is never afraid to dive into the political to share her opinions and insights. Her one question for me is “Do you wear thongs, grannies, or nothing at all?” As a lady I cannot answer that but like any good politician I can go around the subject with an answer.}

In the past few weeks I have quietly observed the Democratic and Republican conventions. I have listened to the speakers and heard them rally the American public to vote for the best candidate this November.  As people begin to get riled up in the issues I can only imagine how comfortable they are in their own underwear.

Does their choice in underwear reflect who they will be voting for this November? I made this chart to make the voting lines clear that you vote what you wear in the privacy of your booth.

My guess for the political candidates  is that Mitt Romney still loves his fast cars from the eighties and will be donning his  leopard briefs. Obama will be  cool  with ease would of course saunter in his boxers.

So as election day looms!  What will you be wearing in the booth? Do you agree with my political analysis?

Trust Your Eyes

Linwood Barclay’s, Trust Your Eyes, is the story of a man who must come to terms with the death of his father and negotiate through rocky waters with his schizophrenic brother.  The only thing Ray Killbride did not count on was his brother discovering an online murder walking through the streets of New York through  Whirl 360.

It is this story that unravels that leads us it into a world suspense as they attempt to put the pieces together and find out who was the victim in the window.  They begin to unravel the mystery unexpected territory and fall into hot water with the wrong people.

Thomas and Ray must work together to solve the mystery and learn to communicate with each other.  Ray learns the meaning of patience as he struggles with his brothers uniqueness and obsessions with travelling the through the screen of the computer imagining he is a CIA operative.

Trust Your Eyes makes you run through a maze of plot twists and turns leaves you in suspense with every turn of the page.  It the perfect fall thriller on one of  those cold nights when you want to curl up with a warm blanket, a good book, and a nice glass of scotch.

Do you have a good thriller or mystery novel that you are looking to curl up with this fall?

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This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

The Fragrant Ritual of Comfort

Hair it is a part of who we are and our identity. It aggravates us, comforts us, and sometimes shields us from the elements. It is after one of those days  I look forward to is stepping into a steamy shower and washing my hair.

The few minutes in the shower is my own time to clear my thoughts, relax my muscles, and wash away the negativity of  the day. I look forward to lathering the shampoo into my hair and inhaling the fragrant scent  that wraps its blanket around me with comfort.

I then wait letting the conditioner repair and untangle the wavy mess that is my hair. It is by untangling the mess with ease which  gives me a small sense of control in the tornado that has swept through my day.

It is in that silent moment I stretch and breath trying to regain a minute of clarity. As the moment passes I slowly rinse with my thoughts running forward thinking tomorrow will be a much better day.

I know in the next wild moments of life when my hair is blowing in the wind and there is no answers that I will get a  fragrant scent that sweeps across my face.  It is that scent that comforts me and lets me know it will all be okay.

Do you have a small step in your daily routine to help shift the perspective of your day?

One Question

It was last October that I participated in a month of your questions! It was a fun way to keep my on blogging track!

So I am asking you for a favor to help me get my blogging groove back!

Can you leave me one question in the comment box? It can be anything that pops off the top of your mind!

I will use each of those questions as a writing prompt every Friday until the comment box runs empty. I will also link your question back to your blog and thank you profusely for inspiring me.

I look forward to being challenged with all of your brilliant questions!

Do you have one  question for me?