The Happy Food Medium

I love food! Any kind of food! But the most tempting of all is junk food!



Now I’m trying be a new and improved healthier me! I have been visiting a lot of health bloggers to discover their tips and tricks for staying on the right track.



The key for me is to find balance with my diet and recognize that when I am having a bad day I should opt for the celery sticks instead of the ketchup chips.  I know I need to find my happy food medium!



Do you have a positive relationship with food? How do you stay on the healthy track?

It Sucks.

Sometimes I wonder if I have drunk too much Kool-Aid from listening to Oprah and reading  all of the self-help books on the market. I know a positive smile  is the best remedy to get back on your feet after a kick in the teeth.

But sometimes it is hard to smile when you are missing a tooth!

It is when things go wrong, out the door, and leads you to unsuspected events in your life. You get exasperated, tired, and cranky. But still muster on with a smile looking to the bright side of life.

You try to cheer up and whistle  because you got nothing to lose.  But you know no matter how hard  you whistle it will not make a darn thing any better.

It is at those times we should just give ourselves a little  break admitting some things in life happen that  just fucking suck!

Do you ever utter the words “it sucks?”

(I promise to be a plethora of positivity in my next post.)

An Evening of Amusement at Old Orchard

Old Orchard Beach is that special place for kids that is full of excitement and fun! The neon lights at night shine to invite them into the amusement park   and the kids race to the roller coaster ready for the thrill of a lifetime!

Warning: One point in the evening  parents will get bamboozled out of cash on the fair ground games as the kids attempt to win that one enormous stuffed animal. You can warn them the games are rigged but they will never believe you!

It is at the end of the night we leave the land of amusement with bribes of one last ride on the ferris wheel, a slice of boardwalk pizza, and a deep-fried Oreo. We savor the devilish treats  knowing we will have to wait until  next summer to delight in all of it again.

I nibble on the cotton candy as we make it back to our suite, stamping the moments of my children’s laughter on the tilt-whirl in my memory, and knowing the evening was full of magic.

Do you have a  favorite amusement park memory?

A Sailor’s Delight

It is when I lookout over the water and the changing night sky it gives me clarity and peace. The moment I leave the  beauty of east coast behind to venture back to the west I feel a twinge of  regret.

I always delight in the beauty and the reflection of the water. A stroll along the rocks makes a restless night one of serenity.

I know the ocean side by memory the changing hues of color, the sound of ripples across the rocks, and the slow movement of the  moon as it begins to reflect across the water.

It is this knowing in which my heart  always stays close to home because it never forgets the open water.
Do you have a special place in your heart that brings you close to home?