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Month: August 2012

The Happy Food Medium

I love food! Any kind of food! But the most tempting of all is junk food!     Now I’m trying be a new and improved healthier me! I have been visiting a lot of health bloggers to discover their tips and tricks for staying on the right track.   […]

It Sucks.

Sometimes I wonder if I have drunk too much Kool-Aid from listening to Oprah and reading  all of the self-help books on the market. I know a positive smile  is the best remedy to get back on your feet after a kick in the teeth. But sometimes it is hard […]

A Sailor’s Delight

It is when I lookout over the water and the changing night sky it gives me clarity and peace. The moment I leave the  beauty of east coast behind to venture back to the west I feel a twinge of  regret. I always delight in the beauty and the reflection […]


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