Mountain Climbing Dreams

The past weekend did several small  hikes in Canmore  and came across several rock climbers on our journey. My littlest looked on with envy. He is always dreaming of the day that he will be climbing the side of a mountain.

I have had moments when I have hollered on the trail “Stop trying to climb that cliff face!  What happens if you fall?”

It is at those moments he will scowl, “I won’t fall! I’m a mountain goat!”

I roll my eyes with a sigh “I know.”

He then looks to me, “When will you take me to the rock climbing wall? I really want to learn to climb!”

It is with that I smile and say “Maybe next week.”

We drove home after a beautiful weekend admiring the views only to turn on the news to discover  two climbers had plummeted 100 meters to their death. My littlest looked on with sadness in his eyes.

“But they were doing what they loved…”

It was at that moment he realized accidents do happen and no one is invincible on the mountain.

Rock climbing is an admirable sport but it also has it dangers. So as my son dreams of one day climbing to the top of the mountain. I secretly hope that this dream will be fleeting.

Have you ever rock climbed?  Is it worth the risk?

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

Margaret Dilloway’s The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns  draws the reader into a story of love and friendship.  Gal  is  a lonely biology teacher on Kidney dialysis for over eight years which has slowly taken it’s toll on her spirit. It is her daily routine which involves the tender care and love of her roses which helps to lift the spirits of a tired soul.

The problem for Gal is as much as she works on perfecting her roses she fails to look at the people in her life and only judges them by face value. It is this critical judgement  which forces her to see the world only in black and white.

It is when her niece Riley comes to live with her that forces Gal to realizes  sometimes we need look beyond the façade and into the depths of people’s  hearts.

The moment Gal begins to open her heart she begins to open  the process of friendship and love. It is this friendship which will garner her the support she needs to live a more fulfilled  life that has the  lasting beauty and lingering fragrance of  her roses.

Do you observe the world in black and white? 

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Are You Raw Enough?

Every now and then you hear the comment bloggers need to be more raw and share their inner most thoughts. It is by being raw that you can only be true to your readers and to yourself.  But when I look at the meaning of raw it makes me wonder about my voice. Is it authentic enough?

The Definition of Raw:

1 : Not Cooked.

I can leave a check mark next to this  because I am definitely not cooked! Maybe just a little tanned…

2 a (1) : being in or nearly in the natural state : not processed or purified (2) : not diluted or blended

Sometimes if you catch me in a foul mood raw sewage does spew from my mouth. But do you really want to read my posts when I am in a scathing mood?

c : not being in polished, finished, or processed form
Well I never went to etiquette school so I am definitely not polished! However, do you want to read one of my drafts that lack paragraphs and misspelled words. I think not!

3 (1) : having the surface abraded or chafed (2) : very irritated

I hate when my sports bra chafes against my skin or I break out into the hives. I suspect you feel the same way! So I would never want to rub you the wrong way.

b : lacking covering : naked

Well do you really want to see me bare it all even if my itsy bits are photoshopped? I highly doubt it!

c : not protected : susceptible to hurt

Do you share everything? Are you willing to open that door? I sometimes open it a little but at the end of the day I do not want to be left vulnerable to the world.

4 a : lacking experience or understanding : green

I lack in a lot of areas of expertise. So will I write about that? Heck No!

b (1) : marked by absence of refinements (2) : vulgar, coarse

Yes! I confess!  I am guilty of vulgar language! And I do love to drop the F-Bomb from time to time.

c : not tempered : unbridled

Snort! If I was a wiccan I could have raw power! Summoning my inner goddess for world domination in order to make love not war and end child poverty. But sadly my powers are futile and the best I can do is imagine a world built on peace as I lounge by the camp fire.

5: disagreeably damp or cold

Well! Yes! I hate being cold! And it makes me cranky which leads me to a foul-weathered mood and in the end cursing up a storm.

Does any of  these different meanings make my authentic voice raw? No it makes me human. I believe at the end of the day how we share our thoughts makes our voice authentic to the reader.  But to worry about breaking down every emotional barrier to be more raw is tiresome. Quite frankly, I’m all rawed out!

How would you describe your voice? Do you believe you are raw enough?

Being Ten Again

I discovered when I return home to visit my Mother for an extended time that I revert to my ten-year old self. In the past week I have gotten accustomed to my Mother making my coffee, baking my favorite treats, and the biggest perk is a late night trip to the dairy bar for ice cream with sprinkles.

I also enjoy my quiet time and  relish my morning walks. It was on my last walk I returned home over an hour late and was reminded as I entered the house.

“Where were you?”

“I was on my walk.”

“You were supposed to be back over an hour ago!”

“Well! I took the back trail of the cove and forgot how long it would take me.”

“Don’t you realize there are bears on that trail?”

“Yes! Yes! I do! But luckily for me I didn’t see one!”

“Well! You should know better next time!”

“I do know better!”

I then stomp off  red-faced with my coffee and hop into the shower to cool off.

It is at that moment I revert from being a calm adult to an exasperated ten-year being told what to do, where I should go, and what time I am expected to be home. At those moments I take a deep breath realizing parents will always worry about their children regardless of age. It’s just a fact of life that I will always be her ten-year old kid!

Do your parents ever make you feel like you are ten?