Sometimes a Frog is Just a Frog

Most women at an early age are fed the Kool-Aid and lead to believe that at one time they will discover a frog in waiting is their prince charming. They wait with anticipation for the flick of the fairy godmother wand which will lead them to their handsome prince with a heart of gold!

As time begins to pass many women begin to lower their standards and set their sights on the elusive man boy. They attempt to nurture and cajole this young man out of his play phase with the hopes of him becoming their very own prince charming.

True Love at last….

It was just the other day I overheard a conversation at the coffee shop between a young twenty something male and his real estate agent.

“I’m looking for a one bedroom condo.”

“Are there any specific features that you would like?”

“My girlfriend thinks I should get a two bedroom condo but I don’t want her to get any ideas.”

“Oh! So your girlfriend won’t be moving in with you?”

“Well! Not now! We will see! We looked the other day and she likes more design features, storage, and color. I just want something sleek and modern.”

“Okay? Should your girlfriend be with us to help you figure out want you want?”

“Nah! I think I should just get the opposite and then she won’t be so keen to move in with me.”

Sometimes  fairy tales don’t always come true and  when you kiss a frog it stays a frog. I just wish a kind  fairy god mother would flick her wand and wake this girl up!

Do you believe in Fairy Tales? Did you kiss a frog to discover your Prince Charming?

The Dusty Blogging Trail

My dog leads us on our walks running ahead sniffing the trail, she will then stop, and run back to get us.   It is in her world she leads one  step ahead of the other and makes sure we all get to our destination. Her nose is her instinct  to lead us in the right direction.

Blogging has been a similar journey sometimes I run two steps ahead and ready to share my thoughts with you.  Other times I feel two steps behind feeling like a smelly can of expired  ham.

I have a folder of posts that I  judge with my squinty eye “not quite”, “not good enough”, and” not for today.”

It is on my blogging journey  I need to find the key to  consistently move it along without battering the same subjects over the head.

I wonder when I look at my dog running ahead on the path does she question where she is going? Or is she truly a creature of instinct? All  I know is as  I move it along  I’m just trying to find my direction on this dusty blogging trail.

How do you find your direction on the blogging trail? Do you always follow your instinct?

A Child with a Creative Eye

In grade three  I discovered that having creative thought was not allowed in Sunday School. My teacher handed us the coloring pages of Jesus and  I took that as the cue to let my creativity run wild. It was with gusto  I had colored Jesus’s skin green and his hair purple.

The catechism teacher was livid of my creative interpretation of Jesus.

My only defense was “Well! We don’t really know what he looks like. So it is possible he could be green!?”

I was sent home to my parents who gave me another stern lecture and banished  me to my room for the night. It all seemed a little extreme from the eyes of a nine-year old especially when no one had ever seen him!

My littlest  in Grade 2 is having a phenomenal year in  school and has been keeping a visual journal. His teacher has been very instrumental in letting children’s creativity shine through in her classroom.

He is  very  pleased with his creations and couldn’t wait to share his finished project with me.  I smiled as I leafed through the book because they were not your typical rainbows and flowers.

Instead :

 Eyes Watching You

Brain Eating Zombies

And Stinky Feet

They show a little man with a wild imagination and a good sense of humor. And if he ever colored Jesus green I don’t think it would be that big of a deal. At the end of the day I pretty sure the big guy in the sky likes a child with a creative eye.

What did you like to draw and color when you were a child? Did you ever get in trouble for your depictions?

Knock! Knock! Is that an Idea at My Door?

One of my dog’s favorite pass times is to wait by the window and watch the movements in the neighborhood. She will bark at the rabbit that hops about  and alerts us to the UPS man who puts his foot on our door step.

In many respects I am like my dog because I entertain myself by watching and waiting for an idea to appear at my front door. At those times I am waiting for that special moment where all the puzzle pieces go together.

It is after five minutes I give up and go back to smashing my head against the keyboard.  But when I get distracted by going to the coffee shop, biking with my kids, or puttering in the garden an idea will appear without hesitation.

I find it is when I’m looking out the window that I feel lost. I am waiting for something but can’t put my finger on it.  It is at those moments I am just like my dog waiting for something to happen instead of taking action to make it happen.

Does an idea just magically appear at your doorstep? Or do you take action to make it happen?

Grace Under Pressure

The Monarch makes a journey each year from Northern Canada to Mexico taking flight against all of nature’s unpredictable elements. It is this tiny wonder which flies up to fifty miles a day to reach its final destination high in the Mexican mountains.

Each year I watch the Monarch dance through my garden and  wonder how does such a small creature move with such grace under pressure?

In some ways we are all like that butterfly toiling away on finishing our next creative project, attempting to keep our head above water, and finish the to-do list for the week. It is our own private journey that we must use the momentum of the wind to carry on with our day.

The Monarch also has its own days when it too has to  admit defeat to the elements of nature and rest when the air is too hot or when the wind is too cold. It can only take flight when the climate is perfect!

On certain days the feeling of the sky falling and black clouds looming makes us all want to pull the blankets over  our head and go back to bed.  If life were perfect we all would be able to take a moment for that rest when we are feeling a little weathered and beaten down during the storm.

It is when things happen in our life that are out of our control we need to  take a step back and take the cue to breathe.  Sometimes instead of forcing the outcome we need to rest and wait for the perfect wind to carry us along just like the beautiful Monarch.

Do you know the secret of the Monarch? How does she maintain grace under pressure?