An Ass in the Box

We all run into that one person who has seen us a thousand times before but yet they seem to forget who we are depending on how we look or smell that day.  It is at that point I hear the circus music my brain filters on double duty in attempt to prevent  the ass in the box  from popping up. I always have one thought that lingers in the back of my head as I pass by their glorious air of distinction.

 If you could customize your very own Ass in the Box what gaseous fumes would be emitted to that very special person?

My Brain Filtering System

As an impulsive person it took me some time to work on the finer art of conversation, to be patient, smile, nod, and listen. Many times I find myself opting out of conversations of sex, religion, and politics.  My brain calmly begins to filter if I disagree on the point of the commenter  and switch gears to another topic of conversation.

However, if you catch me on a really bad day my brain does something funny – wires malfunction, it short circuits and sparks begin to fly. Such as if  I see a picture of Bill Clinton with Porn Stars come across my tweet space after a really long day. I get a little pissy!

So!  Bill Clinton, I ask you “What the Fuck?”

How does your brain filtering system work?

The Circle of Life

As we wandered from thee meadow and into the marshland we walked off the trail to watch the ducks swim in the water. It was as I looked over my shoulder to the left I felt a cold shiver and excitement as I saw what laid only a few feet away.

I pointed to the kids, “Look!”

We walked over to examine the  Bison remains that laid before us. It was at that moment a thought crossed my mind that this was the first time I saw animal remains not within the confines of a museum but in the open wilderness.

It was there the remains laid untouched diminishing into the earth. My oldest wondered out loud, “What do you think happened to him?”

I replied, “I am not sure. Perhaps, he was sick or was attacked by another animal.”

The littlest stared in awe, “Do you think he suffered?”

“I don’t know. It looks as if he chose a quiet spot to move onward and rest in peace. “

It was with that we peered closer at the remains and noticed a small band of hair left around his horns. His peering eyes seemed to whisper that he had discovered a new open plain on his next journey.

We all began to feel as if  were lingering to long around the resting bison. It was then we moved back onto the winding trail.

As we moved forward we came across another meadow that was filled with life.

My oldest gazed out, “So that is the meaning of the circle of life.”

What does the circle of life mean to you?

The Sound of Silence

We went for a hike along The Hayburger Trail  and on our journey we came across an open meadow full of warmth that invited us in for a rest. We stopped in the middle and admired its beauty.

My husband told my children , “Be very quiet! Lets stand still for five minutes  and see what animals will appear.”

We all stood back to back looking out across the field a butterfly first greeted us, and then a lovely song from a bird filled the field with serenity. We all stood waiting, watching, and enjoying the peaceful moment.

It was that special moment my family and I  stood connected in silence looking out into the wilderness. We watched and waited but no animals appeared in our midst.

As we broke our silence we turned to face each other, looked each other in the eye, and looked down. We all burst out in laughter as we realized we had circled a large pile of bison dung in our silence. If any one of us had moved back on step we would be bringing a small treasure home with us on  the bottom of our shoe.

It was the perfect Sunday to revel in nature’s serene beauty and laugh a little along the way.

How do you enjoy the silence? Do you find peace in nature?

Don’t Mess with My Mom

My Mom is a force to be reckoned with and she will be the first tell you exactly what you don’t want to hear at the most inappropriate time. Especially if you live in a Pollyanna bubble like me! But that is life!

We have had our differences in the past  like most mother and daughters.  It was my obnoxious teen years  that tested her limits. And I know for a fact that I have pressed many  buttons,  as soon as the drawer opened, the spoon  came out, I would make  a mad dash for the door!

I think spoon haunts me til this very day!

My Mom also has another side that I don’t talk about enough. It is the side that when you are in need she is there with a phone call, she knows when to help when the chips are down, and she will always be there for you.

I remember as a young girl coming back from the grocery store with  her in her stealthy grey Station wagon.

A lone man swaggered along the sidewalk.

My Mom slowly drove by him very slowly, gave him the stink eye, then shook her finger at him exclaiming, “I’m watching you!”

She sighed and looked to me, “That bastard beats his wife. I can’t stand him! If he was married to me he would be dead! No questions asked.”

My young eyes looked at her in disbelief but I knew she was telling the truth. Nobody would ever mess with my Mom!

If there is one thing my Mom is she is a fighter, she has gumption, and she always looks out for her friends. The one thing she taught us  is to stand-up for ourselves and take no prisoners when duty calls us too.

Family sticks together through thick and thin!

I might crack the occasional menopausal joke her way or test her limits for old times sakes. But  as her daughter it is my duty to test those limits!

I wonder if she will like her gift Fifty Shades of Grey….

What do you love about your Mother? How will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day?

The Haunted Hamburger

Jerome, Arizona, The “Mile High City” is the legendary place of haunted happenings and was once a thriving mining community.  It is now a historical site and residence boasting of population of fifty.  But I suspect they forgot to count all of the resident  ghosts in the area.

As we  drove through this small little town I wanted to  stop and visit the this abandoned hotel.  The adventurer in me knew I could find at least one ghost with a good tale to tell. But my husband and children were on to me and  exclaimed in unison, “NO!!!!”

But luckily for me! Melissa at This ‘N That advised m me to  check-out  the Haunted Hamburger! I knew with a restaurant like that I was be bound to meet at least one ghost or two!

The history of the Haunted  Hamburger begins with a thieving ghost who has a love for hammers and steals them in the middle of the night.  If a hammer is missing then the you can count on it being the jack of all trades thieving in the night.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any thieving ghosts! But our hamburgers on our plates vanished within seconds! All of that ghost hunting had made us famished and there is no better place to dine than the Haunted  Hamburger.

Do have a favorite dining establishment? Is it haunted?

Senior Swim

The beautiful weather in Sedona made for some lovely evening swims.

One particular evening there were many retirees  lounging by the pool enjoying the lovely weather.

My littlest being observant of the older age demographic got a special twinkle in his eye as he walked through the pool gate.

He stood over  the edge of the pool where everyone could see him and exclaimed, “Hey everybody! It looks like we arrived just in time for Senior Swim! Lets hop in!”

It was with that he did a cannon-ball into the pool making a very  big splash!

My face turned sweltering-red as I turned to look for a lounge chair to crawl under and  pretend it wasn’t my child.

Do your family members say the darndest things at the most inappropriate times?

The Energy of Sedona

Sedona offers so much in just its breath-taking beauty. It is a place where you can walk outside your front door inhale the fresh scent of juniper, admire the views of the red rock, and relax into another time.  It is truly a hidden gem that will take your breath away and leave you feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.

Many claim that it is the vortexes which create this enlightened feeling. But I believe that Sedona  is just a place of natural beauty. It’s stoic landscape tells you let it be.  As you breathe in the air you feel calm and at peace.  It is this feeling that I wish could last a lifetime.

Do you have a place you like to visit  that makes you feel at peace?