The Beauty of the Grand Canyon

Some trips are worth the distance and the biggest highlight of our trip was the Grand Canyon! The breath-taking views left us awestruck and inspired us to reach for the sky!

It is the vast distance and strength of the rock that remind us how small we are in comparison to the world that surrounds us.

As you look-out you see the vast horizon stretch for miles and miles! It seems like the possibilities are infinite and within a stones reach of holding in your hand.

The Grand Canyon reminds us that nature is not our back drop but an unpredictable companion that changes shape, face, and temperament. It is a beauty that we must cherish and respect in all of its infinite glory!

What unpredictable companion inspires you?

The Night Sky

The night sky is always in constant change and each night it is different as it prepares for a visit from the stars and the moon. It watches over us and keeps our secrets in its darkest hours of night.

 Sometimes it sends the wind out to whisper to us in our thoughts and dreams. It reminds us with its soothing voice that we are constant and always able to change.

The beauty of the  night is it  offers us to  rest our weary heads and blesses us to move forward in the morning one steady step at a time.

Do you admire the beauty and power of the night? What does it whisper to you?

Mag the Egg Talks Body Image

Mag is doing me a great favor! She is taking a break from fun on the beach in St.Marteen to discuss body image. I know we are breaking some rules in her contract agreement about pay and blog space-time. But she felt it was important to talk about how hard you ladies have been on yourself this spring!

However, her recent on and off again relationship with Roggy Stewart is off-limits…

Me: Thank you for taking the time from your beautiful vacation to talk  with me! I love your choice in egg-suit selection. It looks mermilicious!

Mag:  Thank you darling!  It’s Vegasace!  Doneggalla made it just for me!  You know when you called so frustrated about all of these women complaining about their soft rolls and jiggly thighs. I knew I had to say something!

Me:  So what do you say to these beautiful ladies that are so hard on themselves?

Mag: I say smarten the heck up! I’m an egg I would kill to have arms to swim with and legs to run. Just imagine my status in carton-wood. But instead I work with what I got! I have big hair and luscious lips! I have an expiration date so I have to work everything I got!

Me: I love that you point out we have an expiration date! So how do we work it?

Mag: The best way to work it is hold that chin-up, shoulders back, and strut it. The best looks come from confidence! We all expire at  one point so why don’t  enjoy what we have!

Me: But what if they say that doesn’t matter! I still have fifty pounds to lose? Or to me who is currently over her BMI?

Mag: Are you exercising? Are you smiling? Are  you enjoying good food? If you focus on your goals the weight will come off. But have fun doing it!

Me: What do you mean?

Mag:  The next time you are exercising instead of focusing  on how your thighs jiggle while you run! Don’t even get me started on that… Focus on your breath, how good it feels, how strong your heart is, and your perspective about yourself will change.

Me: Thank you Mag! I really appreciate the time you made to talk with me!

Mag: Not a problem!  Margarita?

Me: Of course! Now off record what is going on with you and Roggy?

Will you take Mag’s Advice? What positive advice would you like to add to the conversation?

Take a Walk with Me

Every year a change occurs as the White Witch casts a spell with her glassy fingers.The snow begins to fall and transforms the land into a winter wonderland. It is in this  place that the White Witch reminds us of the beauty of her powers.

Just before the spring thaw we took a walk into Maligne Canyon. It is here the motion of  glacier water has stopped frozen in  time. It is held in the present waiting to burst forth in the spring!

The further you walk into the canyon the  ice does a delicate dance across the light. It leaves you awestruck with the sheer power of the White Witch’s ability to stop a moment in time.

As you peek behind the ice wall, a  light shines through ,and a quiet Hallelujah echoes from the cave!

As we step back out and peer up  we realize that there is so much more that  it is  greater than you or me! It is each winter the White Witch gives us this beauty and reminds us to find bliss in the present  moment!

As we walk away from the suspended beauty  the biggest reward is the welcoming of the warm spring sun.  The mountains look over us wise in the knowledge that they were here before us and will be here after us.  It is days like this that I am thankful for all of  grandeur and chaos of  life realizing every moment counts!

Thank you for joining me on this scenic journey! It is always a pleasure to spend time with you!

Do you have one place where  you love to walk? Does it leave you feeling refreshed and inspired?

Blogger Burn-Out

Blogger burn-out is a phase when words do not compute with your brain. You have ideas! Endless ideas! But somehow they are not working their way to the page. Instead, you walk, you talk, you clean, and do anything but write. I have been having one of those months!

I’m calling it a very bad case of blogger burn-out!

I suspect it is something that can happen to the best of us as we deal with other daily stressors.  It is at those times I am apt to blog less and become very unsociable.

I look at my blog. It looks at me. I shut down my screen. I pretend it does not exist. It is not waiting for me. But at the same time I know I need to write, speak, say anything!

But the words fail. They hand at my finger tips! The only thing left is to recharge, take a deep breath, inhale the fresh air, and reads a book or two or three or four.

It was with that to return to my blog and hope it will forgive me like a reckless lover dashing off at the end of a passionate night.  Sometimes I feel like I have failed and must try harder! But how?

Do you ever suffer from blogger burn-out? How do you recharge your batteries?

Born Wicked: Do You Stand Out from the Crowd?

In Born Wicked, Jessica Spotswood, take us on a  journey to the puritanical past a  dark chapter in American history when women were taken away for witchcraft accused for  merely being different and outspoken.  Cate the oldest of three sisters is forced to hide the secrets of her family in order to survive the perils of being a witch in these dangerous times.

She views her and her sisters fate as a curse which could destroy the core of her family. It is in these times that women are to be seen not heard  powerless to the decisions of the brotherhood. It is at the whim of the brotherhood that can control a women’s fate under the name of God.

Born Wicked  reminds me that superstitions and religion can hold people captive with their beliefs  in defining what is good and evil.

I remember my Grandfather  being an extremely superstitious man and as a young child  I recall several arguments he had with my Mother about the devil controlling the left-hand.

At the end the battle he would always look at me defeated and say “The nuns would never allow this!”

My Mother would walk off in a huff and I was left with a red face wondering what was wrong with  my left hand.

At some point and time we have all considered to Born Wicked by being different, outspoken, or having the wrong last family name. It is at these times when I reflect on the past I thank my lucky stars that I live in a time that accepts me for who I am regardless of my left-hand and out-spoken opinions.

It is only in Kate’s time that she must hide her talents in order to protect herself and family from the brotherhood acting in the orders guised under the will of God.

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Do you think you were Born Wicked? What character traits make you stand out from the crowd?

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.