A Springtime Wish

As the snow begins to melt and the sun begins to shine several thoughts run across my mind. One is the inevitable ten pounds from winter hibernation and begin to focus on all of the things I hate about me. I am guilty about making jokes about my muffin-tops, dingle dangles, and wobbly bites all of the things I wish I could airbrush away.

I listen to my friends do the same as the spring air hits, all on a diet, all trying to be fit, before we put on the first tank top of the season.

But what if we didn’t set such a high standard for ourselves? Think of the negative energy we focus on putting ourselves down when we could be using it to lift our spirits up.

What do you love about you? Is it the cool glass of water that makes your skin glow? Is it your strong arms open and ready to offer a tender embrace? Is it your laughter after a game of tag with the kids? It is the little things we need to cherish and love!

My springtime wish for you and me is to love ourselves a little more! It’s time we let our confidence blossom from within letting our beautiful hearts shine out this spring.

Lets start today! What is one thing that you love about you? And how does it make you feel?

Beware of the Toilet Snake

It is  when I am on a sunny beach vacation a shot of tequila or two might be thrown into the mix for good measure while relaxing in the sun.  And in the evenings there is the cocktails, water and wine that like to accompany my meal. It is in the middle of the night I always end up with a friendly visit to the loo and I hate visiting the royal throne in the dark.

  I confess I need a night-light in the off-chance one of those urban legends of baby alligators and snakes lurking in the toilet are true!

Of course, the chances of this happening are slim but stranger things have happened in the past…

My husband does not find this trait endearing or quirky!

“Honey! Can you shut off the light?”

“No! I need it!”

“What do you need it for? The bathroom is two feet away!”

“I just do!”

” I never know where I am when I wake-up and could stub my toe! Or a spider could bite it!”

“A spider?”

“Yes! A spider! Or what if there is a snake in the toilet?”

“A Snake?”

“Yes! A Snake! It could happen!”

“Fine! Just leave it on then…”

All is fair in love in war and I think he secretly knows something could possibly sneak up from the toilet and bite him in the butt late at night too!

When was the last time you used a night-light?  Have you ever had a run in with a toilet snake?

A Distant Memory and a Pair of Red Pumps

Sometimes when I slip on my red pumps they take me back to a different person, time, and place. If these shoes could take me  back into the past I wonder would I do things a little different?  Would I be wiser to the games of the heart?

My graduation year from high school was the year I feel in love with a boy two years older than me a computer geek and musician.

He had  blue eyes that would melt your heart and the long thick hair. His musical voice made my heart leap whenever he sang within my distance.

It was a summer love meant to last forever. But as the cold winds of fall began to arrive so did a different person.

I discovered from a  friend that he had been cheating on not with one girl, or two girls, but four different girls.

My heart was broken. I felt naive, tattered, and torn my belief in true love was shattered. I was a mess in tears for weeks, losing significant weight, and wondering why I didn’t see the signs.

It was with the luck on of my closest friends stood by my side in my love-sick grief. He was the one that was with me when we walked into the small town clinic to get tested for HIV/AIDS.

The day I got the call from the sexual health clinic  a huge weight was lifted when I heard the word negative.  It was a silver-lining over a very dark cloud.

But how many girls and women do not get the same silver lining? It is this March 10th the  United States will recognize National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS awareness day. It is a day to rock our red pumps and raise awareness!

Did you know every 9.5 minutes, someone in the US will be infected with HIV? And that there are more than 1 million adults and adolescents in the United States living with HIV. Approximately one-fifth of them (21%) do not know that they have been infected.

We all know that summer love can come to a bitter end but it is  our health which makes us strong to carry-on!  It is up to us to  be proactive about our  own sexual health.  And if you are parent that is concerned about your teens sexual activity Planned parenthood offers a wide array of tools to get your teens talking opening the doors to communication.

It was the next summer as the girls and I rolled out of the bar in our short skirts and high heels ready for  the next party. I saw him on the corner busking with his friends. And it was at that moment I knew he had a passion but it was never for  me.

If I had to relive that summer of imaginary love would I?  Maybe? But then I wouldn’t have been pro-active in my own sexual health and wiser to the games of the heart.

Will you be rocking the Red Pump on March 10th?

A Nun with a Bad Habit

It was several weeks ago that I had the annual conversation with my Mother on why I don’t go to church.  It is in these conversations in which I  usually turn into my teenage self  hanging-up the phone exclaiming, “I hate it!”

I am then left to ponder does God really need me to go to church?  Am I failing in my spiritual well-being by not going? And on the off-chance of dying will I be stuck in purgatory?

I had a lot of  questions on my mind as I  walked to pick the boys up from school.

As I went to cross the street  a  Black Corolla was stopped at the crosswalk waiting to turn left, and I made eye contact with the little Nun in the driver seat ensuring it was safe to cross the busy road.

It was as I began to cross – the nun decided to  press the pedal to the metal!

My life flashed before my eyes and I thought “Dear God this Nun is going to hit me! I’m going to die a heathen! Just like mother said!”

Luckily, she hit the brakes in the nick of time  and  did the sign of the cross.

If it was any other driver I would have flipped them the bird. But recognizing that she was praying for me I politely waved and made it safely across the street.

As I walked down the next street and crossed the lane leading into the alley way  –  it was the same nun turning left and aiming for me once again!

I looked to the sky and thought  “You have got to be kidding me!”

Was this Nun a sign from God and my mother telling me to get my butt to church? Or was she just a blind Nun with a bad driving habit? I suspect the only one that knows the answer is the big guy in the sky.

Have you ever had a dangerous run in with a Nun?


Last week Bennie feel in love with Mag’s hypnotic power and luscious lips!

He took the leap, groomed his mustache, put on his best bow tie, and asked her out!

Mag felt a deep sense of relief!

Mag failed to realize her hair poof had been destroyed will fighting the spoon!

Deggie not only saved Mag from the paramour advances of Bennie

but was also going to rescue her poof!

Deggie Carton was a true friend!

As they rushed to the salon – Bennie was left to recover from the egg-jection.

Will Bennie be able to woo Mag with his styling disco moves?

Or will Deggie get in the way?

Tune in next Thursday to find-out!