This past weekend my family and I headed to Lake Louise to beat the winter doldrums.  We loaded up the skis in the car and were ready to hit the slopes!  The first day was perfect as the sun warmed us and the trails were wide open!  

It was the end of the day without any warning my skis went out from under me and I tumbled like a drunken elephant. My feet hit the air, one pole swinging away with gusto, and the other gone with the wind. I put my hands in the front of me to protect my face from the sudden impact.

I felt a sharp pain as my thumb drilled a hole into the mountain! And  at that moment I asserted several expletives which could be heard within miles.

As my children watched from below I knew I had to show them that no matter how hard you fall you have to get back-up.  It has always been my job to ski behind the troop, to pick up whoever falls, and coax them on their feet again. I could not fail and pulled myself up with my one pole.

The next day  my bruised body was ready to take – on the back of the mountain!  It was on the second run an inexperienced  snowboarder brushed-up from behind me! Down, I went on steep part of the slope with a sudden thud, my ankle throbbed, and my knees where not agreeing to get back – up.

As I sat on the side of the mountain trying to pull myself up for several minutes – people skied by not giving me a second glance. I attempted to focus,  ski tips pointing up towards the mountain, push-up on poles ,and I would fall back down.

I knew crying was not an option and I had to get up!

It was at that moment  an angel appeared, he gave me his arm, and with a deep sense of relief I was able to get back on my feet.

As I got back on my feet I profusely thanked him, ” You truly are an angel.”

His face blushed a little and he made sure I caught up with my family.

I slowly skied down the rest of the mountain – my husband protectively hovered in the back  in the off-chance that I might fall again.

The mountains have away of  teaching us a lesson when we least expect it and sometimes it involves a tumble. The Good Samaritan that skied to my rescue reminds me that sometimes we can rely on the kindness of strangers to help us get on our feet again.

Have you ever relied on the kindness of a stranger?

I am the head clown in my family's circus act! Most days I can be seen with my noise stuck in a good book, spilling coffee down my shirt, and aimlessly wandering about wondering where did I put my glasses. You can always drop me line at

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