The perfect butt clench is not something you master with ease over night! It is something that takes years of practice! I think of it as an effortless flow where I close my eyes, sip my coffee, and squeeze really hard like a curler with a broom!

Sometimes I feel really ambitious and throw a Kegel  in for good measure! We all know that the Kegel has its benefits but throw in that rock hard butt clench – you get that Double Whammy!

I blame my butt clench addiction on Jane Fonda! She started the rage with her thong unitard and butt clench craze workouts.

I butt clench all of the time  because of her! It happens while I’m eating, disagreeing, reading, loving, and sleeping.

It is the effortless workout perfect for the core and your love hump.

So just follow my lead take a deep breath, pull in your butt muscles, next your kegel muscles, and squeeze for five seconds. If you are feeling really wild you could do a set of twelve!

It’s the perfect butt workout for any blogger! Go ahead and give it try! I Dare you to feel the burn and give  it a good hard squeeze!

Can you drink coffee, workout and read at the same time? Do you have a favorite blogging workout?

This post was inspired by Mel at Is this the Middle.

I'm trapped at the suburban carnival and I can't get out! One day I'm the trapeze artist, the next the clown, and on the bad days the carnie!

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