As you walk across the gymnasium to pick  your children up from school. The Queen Bee stands there in all of her glory and refinery.

Copy Right

“Good Afternoon!”

She gives you the look, assessing you slowly from head to toe, purses her lips.

Enough has been said…

It is obvious that picking your kids up from school is the latest fashion trend.

However, sneakers, jeans, and a hoodie will not make the cut. This type of attire will force someone to  purse their lips and make a face!

It is that moment you smile to see your children  and  it’s the excitement on their faces which brightens up your day.

The Queen Bee can flit along  because really she just a small bug with a little sting in the grand scheme of  things!

Do you know a Queen Bee? How do you deal with them?

I am the head clown in my family's circus act! Most days I can be seen with my noise stuck in a good book, spilling coffee down my shirt, and aimlessly wandering about wondering where did I put my glasses. You can always drop me line at

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