[ Feeling Beachie a breath of fresh air on a gloomy day. She weathers the storms when the tide roles in and always brings the sun with her positive glow. Hilary asks "How did you & Mr. MBA meet?"]

I walked into the bar, hungry eyes was playing in the background, and he grabbed me on the dance bar.

He looked at me ” This is my dance space! And this is your dance space!”

We began to dance and I looked into his eyes and exclaimed, “Your wild!”

If by now the dialogue of this conversation seems familiar…It is!  A mash of several of my favorite scenes from Dirty Dancing. If life was only full of such romance!

Our story is a little different! I met him the first year of  university at a bar over a pool table. We had a few beers, argued over music, and became friends. It was over the years that we grew as friends, and at one point moved forward from friendship to relationship.

A relationship over slow and steady that won a race to the hot and heavy! The rest was history…

What is your  favorite movie scene? And what does it mean to you?

I'm trapped at the suburban carnival and I can't get out! One day I'm the trapeze artist, the next the clown, and on the bad days the carnie!

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