It was a hot sunny day and I opted for the coolness of new maxi dress. It was the best option for a lady who did not want to shave her legs and look  somewhat  put together. I put it on, grabbed my sunglasses,  wrangled up the kids,  and  off we went for a family road  trip to the zoo.

As we drove along my husband gave me a wink, “Nice to see the girls!”

Every once in a while a gal has got to flaunt it...


“The girls!”

I looked in the mirror and didn’t realize how low-cut my halter dress  actually was and gasped! My girls were giving a show and it was not appropriate  zoo attire. It was also too late to change!

It was when we arrived to our destination I  ran to the bathroom, to double-check the girls were staying in place, and then headed out to admire the call of the wild.

It was when as we came across the crowded cougar domain  my son looked up with a mischievous grin, ” Mom shouldn’t you be in there?”

I paused, “What?”

His voice carried loud, “Well! You are a cougar! Shouldn’t you be in there?”

It was with that the cougar exhibit went quiet, my face went red, the girls felt like they were on display demonstrating my possible cougar prowess.  I calmly looked at my son, “Why would you say that?”

His eyes lit-up “Isn’t that what dad calls you?”

I looked over to my husband who seemed to mysteriously move twenty feet away from us. It was from the safety of his hiding spot he felt the burn of my stink eye through my glasses.

I then looked at my son and sternly replied, “No Darling. I’m a puma! I still have a few tricks to learn before being called a cougar!”

He looked at me puzzled, we then looked up, and watched the cougar seductively move for the audience…

What do you think of the term cougar? How do we explain the meaning to our kids?

I'm trapped at the suburban carnival and I can't get out! One day I'm the trapeze artist, the next the clown, and on the bad days the carnie!

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