After reading As I was Singing’s post “Unwelcome Visitors and Candy Men” it brought back my own childhood memories. You know the one where you take the dare, walk into the dark bathroom, turn on the tap water, repeat bloody Mary five times and wait to  see if her morbid face appears…

Mary, Queen of Scots

The coward I was I never tempted fate, I always said her name once, and then ran out the bathroom in fear of that face appearing in the mirror.

I would then have a restless sleep for the next week.  I would lie awake wondering  “What if she did appear? Would she haunt me? Would I face my death?”  It is all of these nervous thoughts that would run through my brain as a young  girl with an over active imagination.

That was until last night, I decided to tempt fate, I walked into the bathroom, shut-off the light, I turned on the tap water and went to say, “Bloody Mar…”

And then is when I heard the knock on the door, “Honey! Is everything alright?”

“Yes! It’s fine. I’m just washing my face.”

“You are washing your face in the dark?”

“Yes! The dark! Could you give me some peace and quiet!”

It was with that I waited and heard foot steps slowly walk away.

I started again, “Bloody Mary.”

“Mom! Can you open the door I need to go to the bathroom!”


I open the door and the little one does his business. After he leaves I try one last time. I turn off the lights, turn on the tap water, look in the mirror…

“Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.”

“Honey! Are you sure everything is okay?”

It’s with that I exasperated “Bloody Hell! What does it take to get some bloody privacy?”

It was then I sauntered out of the bathroom  deciding it was best not to tempt fate. The gods must have been telling me something!  Sadly, my husband is still perplexed as to why a grown woman was in the bathroom with the lights off and tap water running. Sometimes some things are best left secret…

Have you ever tempted fate by putting a superstition to the test?

I'm trapped at the suburban carnival and I can't get out! One day I'm the trapeze artist, the next the clown, and on the bad days the carnie!

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