Superstitions and Heart Break

As I finished “The Road to Damascus” the 18th episode of Carnivale on digital cable. It was with suspicion I sensed season 2 was coming to an end. Carnivale had become my first love this past month. I couldn’t bare to part with the sinister plot line.  I couldn’t contain myself! I wanted to google and see how many episodes I had until the season finale.

This is when my heartbreak began…I discovered that Carnivale was not a new HBO series! It ended in 2005! I wondered where have I been living? Under a Rock? Have I completely lost touch with pop culture? Is this what happens when you become a 24hr.chaffeur and soccer mom?

My heart sank! I have invested so much time into watching Season 1 and now as Season 2 coming to an end. I realize It will be the final end! I felt a heavy thud in my heart! I had been robbed of my new love! It was short, wonderful, and sweet. But I wanted more from this relationship!

Now, I wonder what will I watch? What will escape with at night?  I have been spoiled with its mysterious plot line of good vs. evil, the eerie cinematography, and the twisted character development.

I lamented to Mr. MBA upon my discovery!

“Can you believe it! It’s over in 2005. I thought this was a new series?”

Mr. MBA rolled his eyes “So your saying it’s over! There is only a couple of episodes left to go.”


He let out a sigh of relief, “Thank God! I hated that show!”

“What do you mean you hated it?”

“It’s just creepy and your superstitious enough as it is! I didn’t need adding more fuel to the fire.”

“I’m not superstitious!”

“Yes! You are! What about all of that dream nonsense!  I’m not allowed to tell you any of my dreams until after breakfast because it could come true.”

“It could! You know what happens when I dream about Great Aunt Birdie! Nothing good ever comes of it.”

“See! You are superstitious! Plus, you talk in your sleep  every time you watch the show. It’s almost as bad as the time you were reading Alias Grace.”

“It was an eerie book! You would have weird dreams too!”

“My point exactly that’s why I don’t read or watch any of  it.”

” It? What do you mean it?”

“All that Artsy stuff.”

“Artsy stuff?”

“You know what I mean…”

It is with that I wandered downstairs with my bowl of popcorn and root beer float. I was ready to drown in my sorrows and  watch the next episode, sad with the knowledge, that my time with Carnivale was coming to a bitter-sweet end.

What TV show broke your heart with its sudden disappearance? Did it leave you feeling like its dirty mistress?

A Little Perspective

After the Curse of the Beauty Salon, Mrs. Brown puts it all in Perspective…

What was your worst home beauty experience?

It’s Time to Express Your Swimsuit Style!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’ s  that time of year once again as the snow begins to melt and we are bombarded with the reminder that Bikini season is around the corner. It’s that dreaded time of year when you know it’s time to up your game and get ready to look hot by the pool side! 


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As a curvy girl I picked my top 3 that will suit me best. So to No avail here is my favorite women’s swimwear! Now, I just wish I could have one of these bikini beauties bodies and I would be set for summer…


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Oh!  I am  also a firm believer in the white halter bikini! It looks great on the beach and shows off your beautiful summer tan!

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All of this dreaming of swimsuits, sun, and beaches has made me want to dig out the chin-up bar and start toning up for the summer season. What is your favorite swimsuit style? And Why?

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Snow Drifts and Squeaky Joints

I looked outside the window it was grey, bleak, and lightly snowing. It wasn’t the dream elements I had in mind for Free the Dream Fun Run. I thought it might be more freeing to run in the warm sun on a paved sidewalk. It was at that moment the phone rang and at first instinct I knew who was calling me.

I picked up the phone, “Hey Grace!”

“Hey! Did you still want to do the 5km run tonight?”

“Of Course!”

“Damn it! I knew you would say that!”

“Well! We did pay to run in it! And just think of the reward knowing you ran two races this week.”

“Ugh! I knew you would say that! Fine. I’ll run!”

And with that we made our way to the Free the Dream Fun Run which was a great fundraiser to support youth from low-income families to be able to play sports without the added worry of cost and equipment.

As we walked over to the start line we felt a brief chill in the wind. It was one of those moments I felt like turning back and saying - maybe we should go for hot chocolate instead…

Grace gave me the look “I can’t believe you are making me do this!”

“I didn’t make you do anything! I’m just happy you are here to run with me.”

It was with that we made our merry way down the road and onto the city trail system. We were prepared for slow moments on the ice but not ready to run through snow drifts. It became an obstacle course of not tripping on top of the people in front of you, attempting not to sink up to your knees, and the odd bunny hop over a drift of snow.

But, once we made it to the clear part of the trail it was easy-going with a couple small hills.  Unfortunately we had to loop our way back through the winter wonderland obstacle course. It was within minutes of running through the snow. I felt a small jolt in my knee. I let out muffled swear word and kept running. It was at that moment I knew my squeaky knees were never destined to sludge through deep snow.

All in all it was still a fun run full of unsuspecting obstacles! However my knee still begs to disagree! They have  been squeaking and creaking since the chance wrestling match with the snow.

Do you have any issues with joints or back pain? How do you nurture your sore spots after a good workout?

The Beauty Salon Curse! Beware!

Beware of the Curse of the Beauty Salon! At anytime this week it could happen to you! Was it the fault of the Super Moon? Maybe March Madness? But if you go to a beauty salon be forewarned there is a curse among us this week!

It was just this morning I  read Feeling Beachie’s post about her OPI gel manicure gone wrong and how it had depleted the strength of her nails.  I felt bad for her over worked nails but at the same time the thought of a manicure seemed like the perfect pick me up!

After I finished a morning of errands, I drove by the local nail salon, and I heard it whispering my name…I couldn’t resist the temptation! I parked the car and dropped in hoping they would have time for an appointment.

The manicurist took me to her  station and worked her magic on my dry hands. I admired, the sparkle, the pretty edges, and my hands looked perfect. I also felt impulsive, my eyebrows had been neglected, and needed a little love.

“Do you have time for an eyebrow waxing?”

“Of course!”

And with that her co-worker ushered me into the backroom.

I knew my eyebrows needed shaping. But I didn’t realize that much shaping! I felt her work on the first eyebrow placing the hot wax on the bottom, pulling, and then  I felt the hot wax go all the way across the top of my eyebrow. I thought that’s strange….

Once she completed, she ushered me  out of the room, I attempted to glance at a mirror, but was quickly led to the cash. I paid my bill walked out to the car to discover most of my eyebrows had vanished!

I looked at the mirror, then away from the mirror, and then looked again! I felt horror tingle down my spine,  I gawked at myself, “Sweet Potato Pie! I have been de-browed! My face is naked!”

I will only warn you once to Beware of the Beauty Salon Curse! You could fall into the hands of a Beauty School Drop-out! Wear your lucky amulets and charms, refrain from the waxing table, and may you make it out unscathed!

First Beachie!  Now me! Has anyone else suffered from the curse of the beauty salon?

Getting a Little Spring Back in My Step!

I woke up this morning dreading the St. Patrick’s day run! The sky was dark and there was a slight chill in the air. I wondered if this was an ominous sign? I haven’t run in over two and a half weeks and was clueless to how much conditioning I had lost in that time and was fearful of wheezing  to the finish line. So, I dropped out of 10km and moved to the 5km run.

I met up with my friend Grace and laughed that we were running in a winter wonderland on the first day of spring. We walked our way over to the start line and we came up with a game plan.  Our plan was simple it was to run, finish, and not worry about beating our own personal best. It was the no pressure approach that we needed to stick to the race!

Just before the start of the race there was a loud warning over the speaker,’Be careful under the bridge it is icy, I repeat, Under the Bridge is Icy!’

 I looked at Grace and sighed, “Great!”

I was envisioning a loud thud on the ice and once again bruising my tailbone. I  thought of many pillows in my future. However, that was not the case, we took our time on the treacherous ice, we slid, we laughed, and we ran. It was a fun 5km both of us just motivating each other to keep going!

As the snow lightly fell as we admired the winter scenery of the river valley. It was a beautiful morning!  I know it didn’t feel like the perfect first day of spring with a morning full of budding tulips  but on this morning run I did get back the little spring in my step. And that’s all the motivation I needed to keep going!

Our next fun race is this Wednesday night, The Free to Dream 5km, and it’s for a great cause with KidSport! If I can do one race this week – I may as well do another!

What helps to put the spring back in your step and keep you motivated?

Back to Basics

The day we arrived home I was eager to get back into my daily workout routine! However the weather was uncooperative, and my motivation quickly dwindled to the joy of TV. At the start of this New Year  I vowed to run a 10 km this upcoming Sunday but now sadly my unconditioned butt  is dropping down to a 5km. So I must confess that I did not make my 10km goal for March!

'I wonder how many calories are in this piece of foliage?'

However, this is my wake-up call of too much good food, wine, and HBO. I need refocus my priorities  making a serious commitment to my workout routine and diet.

Vacation was fun! But all of my bad vacation habits stuck with me when I returned home.

So to get back on track and rescue my bloated belly from the brink of despair – I have made a basic 10 step plan to wiggle my way back into my skinny jeans and to run a 10 km in May.

Step #1

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. If I do not fail to run to the bathroom at least five times in the afternoon than I’m not drinking enough…

Step #2

I will limit my caffeine in take to two cups of coffee per day without sugar.  But if you see me begin to detox with shakes back away slowly and run!

Step #3

I will eat a healthy salad or pita sandwich at lunch with a piece of fruit for dessert . Farwell, to my deep love of carbs. We both knew a  day would arrive when our passionate affair would come to an end.

Step #4

I will place a lock on the bread box and throw away the key.

Step #5

I will maintain my weekly workout schedule. If I fail to run, spin, or sweat than you can send Dog the Bounty Hunter after me. But I’m pretty sure I can still out run him…

Step #6

I will limit my sloshy drinking habits to two glasses of wine on the weekend. And I believe my wallet and ass will thank me for it!

Step #7

I will enjoy take-out only once a week; laying off  my deep love for Butter Chicken and the goodness of aloo tiki. I wonder if I should scratch Donairs and poutine off the take-out list as well? Can’t completely deprive myself can I?

Step #8

Every morning must start with an early morning Yoga Routine. It’s all about clearing the mind, rejuvenating the soul, and being all bendy!

Step #9

I will do two Body Rock challenges per week! Have you seen Zuzana? She makes Jane Fonda look like a cupcake! 

Step #10

I will laugh! And laugh until my heart’s content!

It’s time to get back to basics and enjoy the little things in life!  I have a feeling this basic  plan will help  dwindle my muffin top  and make me move!

What is the best lifestyle choice you ever made? What was your plan of action to achieve your goals?

An Unexpected Trip to Texas: Granny Panties, Barbecue, and Beaches

 We sadly waved au revoir to Florida, boarded our plane, and prepared for a long day in the sky. As our connector flight arrived late in Houston, we rushed to the next gate, only to get there in the nick of time.

I walked up to the stewardess, handed her the boarding pass, she looked, and replied “You don’t have seats. Just wait over here.”

I panicked, “What do you mean we don’t have seats? I checked in this morning!”

“Just wait over here, please.”

I looked at Mr. MBA and the kids wondering what would happen next. We waited, we watched everyone board, and then to my horror the plane took-off without us.

I looked at Mr. MBA “I guess we are not going on that flight. I’ve been patient enough! Go find out what is going on!”

We were informed that they had overbooked the flight. They offered us a two night stay in Houston with the option of travel voucher or cash. I wasn’t feeling the love for Continental at this point and opted for the cold hard cash.

I groaned, knowing this threw an unexpected wrench in our travel plans leaving me with one problem. We didn’t have our luggage, and I didn’t pack underwear in my carry-on. I know this sounds neurotic. But Just on the off chance that security might screen my bag the last thing I want is for some stranger to inspect my hot pink undies in public.

The next morning  we headed to the nearest Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities.  As I browsed the underwear department, I opted for seamless hipster brief size Medium. The picture on the packaging made it look like the perfect fit.

But pictures can be deceiving, when we arrived back to the hotel; I unwrapped the package, and was amazed by the size of my undies. These were no Hipster Briefs these were in fact the elusive Granny Panty.

Mr. MBA chuckled, “You’re not going to wear those are you?”

“Do I have any other option?”

And with that I put on the larger than life panty, folded it over once, so it wouldn’t bunch over my skirt, and headed out for an afternoon of exploration in Texas.

It was a fantastic afternoon, hitting up Kemah Boardwalk, riding the rickety roller coaster, and walking on the quiet beaches of Galveston.

However, my granny panties were tormenting me with wedgies, and weaselling its way out of the top of my skirt. They had a mind of their own and were having their way with me!

That was of course until I discovered Texas BBQ! Oh! My word! Everything is bigger in Texas from the steak to the armadillo eggs, to the juicy ribs. My mouth watered with the excitement of every meal! I did my best to win the battle of the bulge, control what I ate, watch for signals of fullness from my belly, but the portions were huge, and the food was just sooo hot diggity good!

 My butt had been expanding with every drop of food I ate but the granny panty gave me room to grow. They were much more forgiving than attempting to squeeze into my usual hipster’s. It was at that moment I made amends with the granny panty. I realized it was my comforting friend from home and not my evil enemy!

It was in Texas that we enjoyed southern hospitality, beautiful beaches, good looking cowboys (there’s just something about the way they say the word  darlin’), and my new found love for barbecue. I definitely want to go back to explore the state! 

So you can count on the next time I`m in Texas I’ll be bringing my new friend granny with me. It`s all because the food is just too good and I will need room to expand!

Have you ever had unexpected delay in your travel plans?

The Frolicking Birds of St. Martin

On our fifth day we ported in St. Martin and it was love at first sight! As we exited the dock the sound of sweet Caribbean music softened our ears and we strolled to the relaxed vibe of the island.

It was our last destination and all we wanted to do was to have fun on the beach with a cold beer and enjoy the sunny breezes of the Caribbean. We booked our excursion to Orient Beach and were shuttled to our destination.

We were warned by one local as we hit the beach on  the French side of  the island, “On the Dutch side is where you lose your money and on the French side is where you lose your clothes.” We both chuckled as we exited the bus.

 It was there we lounged in our beach chairs, splashed in the water, and strolled along the beach.

We knew one part of the beach was au naturel but as we passed the rocks from the clothed area to the nudist. I wasn’t paying attention..

“Are you sure you want to keep going?”

I looked puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“It’s the nudist part!”

“So! What are you scared of a little penis?”

Mr. MBA gave me the look, I chuckled, how bad could it be, a few nude ladies!It’s not like Mr. MBA would ever have a problem with that… Oops! I was wrong! I discovered my first time stepping on the nude beach was men! Lots of old men! Naked! Letting their flamingos all hang out!

They all stood with pride, content to let their birds flap in the breeze, frolic in the ocean, and let it all swing to the Caribbean music. Perhaps, I’m more North American than I like to believe…I blushed, looked straight ahead, and kept walking. I didn’t want to seem prudish by just stepping over the rocks and heading back to the comforts of our bikini beach.

 I felt as if I stepped into another persons private world. It was this world in which I was acting as an unwilling to participant  lacking in the full freedom of expression that these men seemed to experience in their lack of attire.

Mr. MBA chuckled, “You should take it off!”

“I don’t think so…”

“Why not? When in Rome…”

“I like to give the illusion that my girls stand at attention.”

And with that we headed back to our end of the beach, enjoying another Corona, another splash in the water, and erasing the images of old frolicking birds playing in the ocean.

Would you ever consider taking it off?

Snorkel Time in St. Thomas

On our fourth day the cruise ship arrived at St. Thomas. It was the morning I had been waiting for and was extremely excited to hop off the Stifling of the Seas.  As we docked at port, I ran, grabbing my bag, sprinting down the stairs, ready to exit the ship!

We knew time was not an option so we booked a snorkel excursion, it was a sailing tour which took us to  turtle cove.  I love to swim and I am fish in the water.  I was eager to snorkel and check out the beautiful coral which rested at the bottom of the cove.

It was a fantastic afternoon of sailing, snorkeling, and enjoying the side effects of rum punch. Our tour guides were spectacular a group!  We spotted several sea turtles, a sting ray, beautiful array of fish, and one barracuda.It was one of the best snorkeling excursions that we have ever taken and enjoyed every moment in the water.

I found the sight of the barracuda a little off-setting as he happily swam about around us. I wasn`t testing the limits of this toothy fishes limits and  wasn`t snapping a photo. I kept my distance and went in the opposite direction.

As I begun to swim away, staring at the vastness of  the ocean, my thoughts shifted to the Discovery Channels Shark Week. I began to recall that sharks ate sea turtles. But I remembered it was  only two in the afternoon so they wouldn`t even be thinking about supper  until at least four o`clock.

I then thought of the  woman from shark week, wasn’t she out with a snorkel group, and a shark came out of nowhere and bit her in the butt. I calmed myself again because this happened in South Africa. You are bound to be bitten by something there…

 As, I swam underwater,  I began to think he  could be lurking anywhere, stalking us at this very moment…It was at that moment I decided my paranoia was getting the best of me. So I concocted a plan!

 I swam over to Mr. MBA , remembering sharks like to stalk the loner of the group. If I stuck with Mr. MBA,  I would be safe, and with that I was glued to his side. Besides, if the shark was going to  choose one of us for a chomp down he would go for the biggest rump roast…

It was with that I happily  snorkeled  until it was time to go! I was in my glory and didn’t want to leave! But then the rum punch called my name, I climbed back onto the sailing vessel, ready to head back to the island and explore a little bit more of St. Thomas.