Ouch! Beware of the Never Bite!

In my early twenties, I was a naive know it all, smug, and probably a tad bit condescending. It was in those days that I lived for the moment, back-packed, travelled, and enjoyed the free life. It was also in those days – that I was a travel snob.

If you were sitting next to me at a pub you would have at one time or another hear me utter the words “I would never do an all-inclusive vacation.” Or gasp at the notion at spending time and money on Disney World. How could anyone do such a thing?

Once discussing this topic with a close friend, as  I sipped my pint of Picaroons, “Please! If  I ever have children you will never ever catch us at Disney World.”

Now all of those grand statements of ” I would never” have come back to bite me right in the butt! Something happens when you have children, sleep deprivation, responsibility, and lack of time.

It was after the birth of our second son my husband suggested an all-inclusive to Cuba. I was leery of the idea…But at the same time sun, sand, and an open bar seemed to be tempting.The moment we took our first package destination that involved luggage and not a back pack. I knew I had to bite on my words…

 It was this  year we decided it was time to go to Orlando and explore the magic of Disney.  Gasp! My twenty year old self is rolling over on the bar floor groaning at this current moment!

It is at this moment  that I feel thrilled to share this vacation with my kids and enjoy it through their ever-increasing excitement.  Of course,it`s not Paris or Greece! But heck it`s Disney World! I`ve plotted everything down to the minute, and don`t even get me started about Islands of the Adventure and Universal studio (can you say Harry Potter and Jaws).

Life is unexpected, and the best thing about kids is it snaps you out of your early twenty self.  I `ve learned my lesson to” never say never” because those words will come back to prove a point  that your smug previous self was all wrong.

Has the word “Never” ever bitten you in the butt?