Trash Talk Tuesday – The T-Disc Dilemma and the Dispute

It was just last week  I suffered from the great T-Disc dilemma!  I wasn’t sure if  T-Disc could be recycled?  But then I got an idea courtesy of Your Guide to  Green Living  which informed me that coffee grounds were full of nutrients that plants love. As I read I noticed  my lovely oregano, dill,  parsley and  basil looking a little hung over. I thought this would be  the perfect way to rescue my indoor herb garden from too much drink and very little nourishment.

So I have taken on this tedious task of recycling my T-Discs and saving the coffee grounds with vigor. Now, every time, I use a T-disc, I pop it open, scrape the coffee grounds into a can under the sink, and use it later as plant food. I then clean out the used t-discs and throw them  into the blue bag for recycling. This way I have my recycled cake and eat it too without the guilt!

However, Mr. MBA had issues with this whole process…

On Saturday morning he watched my T-disc ritual with bafflement and confusion.  He asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m cleaning out the T-discs, so they can be recycled, and use the coffee grounds to nourish the plants.”

“Oh! Why?”

“It’s good for the environment.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“I’m not!”

“Are you bored?”


“Yes, are you bored?”

“No, I’m not bored!”

“Then why are you creating all of this extra work?”

“It’s not extra work.”

“It is!”

“Well I’m not asking you to do it! Just give me your T-disc!”

“I’m not giving you the T-disc.”

“Why not?”

“It seems like a redundant task.”

“It’s not a redundant task! It’s good for the environment!”

“Well! Who else does this?”

“I don’t know!”

“It seems like a waste of time.”

“Don’t you want to be a good citizen? Show your children that you are the green machine Dad?”

“I am a good citizen! And I’m a machine!”

“I mean global citizen! Just think of the future, our children, their children.”

“Don’t pull that argument with me!”

He then took the T-Disc and threw it in the wet garbage!

I gasped, “What are you doing?”

“ I’m throwing the T-Disc in the Trash!”

“But it’s plant food! Dig it out!”

“I’m not digging it out!”

“Yes You are ! Or no dessert for you tonight!”

“No dessert?”

“That’s right!”

“Fine.”  And with that he plucked the T-disc out of the and grumbled “Good Grief! Next week we’ll all be vegans!”

As he walked away, I secretly thought, not such a bad idea.  It would be good for the environment, a great way to lose weight and maybe I would get those slender vegan yoga arms. A girl can dream…..

Inappropriate Movies My Parents Let Me Watch as a Child

 As the excitement of Halloween begins to build momentum, the return of the horror movie genre hits us with full force, and fear fest seems to be on every channel.  It makes me reflect at the wonderment of my childhood.  It was in Grade 2 my parents purchased their first VCR. It was an exciting time for all of us!  Unfortunately, with two teenage sisters, nobody ever really wanted to watch “The Muppets Go to Hollywood.” 

 It was my dad who was in charge of movie night.  He had two headstrong teenage girls to contend with and me.  Unfortunately, I was never as wily as my sisters which meant my dad would always cave to their selection of slasher and action movies.

 This was bad news. No seven-year old child with an over active imagination should ever watch Friday the 13th. I still have a fear of eating bananas with my back to great wide open spaces.

 I wonder if these movie choices are what made me the neurotic being I am today?  So, much to my mother’s horror, I made a list of inappropriate movies that I watched in my early years which may have hindered my childhood development.

  1.  Deliverance. Up to this day I cannot stand the sound of banjo music, Burt Reynolds’s moustache, and creepy red necks.  However, it has prepared me to run.  My husband and I once crossed through a shady village on the border of Maine and Quebec.  We stopped for gas.  One of the trucker’s at the gas stop looked to his friend and said “Wouldn’t you like to eat that little rump roast?”  I took that as a sign, remembered the distinct horrors of Deliverance, locked the door, and made my husband drive off as fast as Steve McQueen. 
  2.  Jaws.  Needless to say to this day when I’m swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean I have visions of Jaws popping out of the water and devouring me whole. It’s even a more unsettling feeling in tropical waters especially when a big fish nudges you on foot. It’s then you let out a little scream and scramble out of the water with your bikini top half off. Not that this has ever happened to me…
  3.  Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome. As a child, my parents had the Pierre Burton dream, and we drove across Canada.  I watched Mad Max before this eventful trip, and every time I saw a gang of bikes, I thought I was a goner, it would be the end for us all, and I would begin my escape plan. Usually, this plan involved me hiding underwater in the hotel pool. It was the only place I felt safe…
  4.  Nightmare on Elm Street. I did not sleep for months in fear of Freddy. Enough said!
  5. Friday 13th part 2, I have never looked at a banana  the same way again!

Oh! And my parent’s friend were no better! They let us watch Sleep Away Camp! And from that day on I always remembered to turn off my curling iron.

Now, looking back, I wonder what a childhood development specialist would say about this list.  I wonder if this fuelled the fire for my fear of things that go bump in the night?  And maybe it explains why I, now, yelp every time Nancy Grace jumps out of the screen while I’m watching Joy Behar? It is because of this; I firmly believe a little censorship for children is truly good for the soul.

Linda Hamilton, Your Arms Rocked the Nineties!

I remember as an awkward thirteen year old, Terminator 2, and I remember ogling Linda Hamilton’s rock hard arms. I wanted those arms, they were an inspiration, and I ran for the whole summer trying to get into her physical shape.  Unfortunately, to no avail I’ve never had her good genetics but as a role model for health and fitness she was the it-girl for me.

As years passed, life changed, work, kids, my level for any form of fitness dwindled. But this spring someone referred to me as chunky and brought out  my competitive fighting spirit!  I was going to show that Skinny B!*H what I was all about…

So, at the beginning of June I channelled my inner rocky and joined boot camp. I figured it would be one of those workouts were I would fizzle,burn, and give up. I lack coordination and haven’t seriously worked out in years. But the comment triggered something in my brain where I would win the battle of the chunk.

It was in this class I met a series of kick ass alpha females who challenge their physical limits for faster times, and attempt to do that one extra push-up.  It was inspiring! And once I got past the pain and realized that there was gain. I soldiered on! Since, beginning this class I have lost two pant sizes, and ran my first 5km.  It has been great. I’m no longer thinking about my muffin tops, the scale, but more focused on improving my running times.

I may not have the Linda Hamilton arms but they have once again become my inspiration for staying fit. So, hats off to you Linda for making Terminator 2 in the nineties and showing that women don’t have to be lanky wall flowers.  And as for you Skinny B!*H you can take your chunk of a mouth and shove it!

Oops! Did I just say that?

Trash Talk Tuesday – Give me a Bonk on the Head for being a Lazy Ass!

So, last week I made a pact with myself to recycle! In the past, I have made a handful of excuses, such as: the effort of separating the trash, storing 3 different garbage cans while maintaining some form of continuity in the kitchen, and the additional effort of training my obstinate husband. All seemed like daunting chores! But now, I recognize what a true lazy ass I had become… I rolled up my sleeves and began my quest to become a green machine vixen.

First on my agenda was to find the perfect garbage can for my little kitchen. I searched high and low for a dual trash can which separates wet and dry garbage. My only luck was at Home Outfitters in which  they sold a Simple Human stainless steel trash can for one hundred dollars. Excuse me! A hundred dollars. I don’t even spend that on a good pair of jeans.

So, I opted for a tiny trash can in similar size to match my regular stainless steel can. It looks fine! And it was much easier to get everyone on board. The kids were a  cake walk, my husband grumbled for the first day but  is now reluctantly on board…I think he may had the impending fear that I would begin putting yogurt containers through the dishwasher. Luckily, for us I’m not that type A.

Plus, the City of Edmonton makes it a cake walk to recycle! They take just about almost anything and I have a swanky template on my fridge for the kids to determine what goes where…

So yes, recycling , was easie peasie, and I have no idea why I wasn’t doing this before!

One question for all you green machine vixens – What’s the easiest way to clean out a T-disc? Or do they belong in the wet trash? Right now, I’m  currently rethinking my latte addiction, since I go through six pods a day. And man they can add-up. I wonder if I could survive on one coffee a day? There must be benefits. Right?

Trash Talk Tuesday

Did you ever have one of those weekends where you feel invigorated? Inspired for change?  As I enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend in Banff with my family soaking up the scenery, hiking the trails, and cooking the turkey.  I jotted this quickly down in my journal:

 It was one of those moments where I felt truly content with my life.  But it was also one of those turning points in my life when I realized that I have taken granted one of the most beautiful gifts man has and that is nature.

I avoid the topic of environmentalism like a child. I hear Suzuki on the radio and I turn him off. I’m like a child who doesn’t want to hear the truth. I stomp my feet and plug my ears. Pretending I can’t hear or see what is going on with our environment.

So, today is the day, I take the first step to pledge to do something different, each week, I will make a small change to my family’s lifestyle, which will improve our carbon footprint. I would love to change everything over night. But I’m not that brave.

So, first on the agenda, I vow as of today, that I will recycle, and separate my trash like a Type A at Christmas!

But I also want help from my few readers! That means you! I need tips and tricks!  So, each week I will add something new, to improving my green lifestyle!  I want to stay honest with myself and to be held accountable for staying green. I will also post the nitty, gritty, dirty truth, about my green habits, what works, and what work doesn’t work;  for a slacker such as, myself.